Skoda Superb Estate Outdoor

7 Jun, 2012 11:29am Luke Madden

Skoda reveals more rugged-looking variant of the Superb Estate, known as the Outdoor

Skoda has revealed a new, more rugged version of the Superb Estate, called the Outdoor.

It joins other Volkswagen Group soft-roaders like the Audi A4 allroad and VW Passat Alltrack. Unlike those cars, though, there are no changes to the Outdoor’s ride-height. 

What does change is the way the Superb looks, with black plastic-clad front and rear bumpers, side skirts and wheelarches.

Skoda has revealed that the Outdoor will be available with all of the Superb’s engines, except for the ultra-efficient Greenline variant. This means the range will kick off with the 1.4 TSI and top out with the four-wheel drive 3.6-litre V6 model.

UK availability and pricing hasn't been confirmed yet but the Super Estate starts from £18,915.

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Looks smart to me, and likely to win Skoda more new friends, though in the real world some higher-profle tyres on smaller rims will surely be more suitable.

Are they all 4WD I wonder?

And why not call the UK models combi too, I rather like that? Sounds a bit special, like 'break' instead of estate.

An "Outdoor" car, how novel and there's me thinking most cars were for use Outdoors.
Maybe that's what the Twizzy is the first indoor car explains why it's got no doors and you'd always be in range of a plug socket.