Toyota GT 86 ad banned

Toyota GT 86 advert banned
15 Nov, 2012 5:52pm Chris Ebbs

The Advertising Standards Agency has pulled an advert for the Toyota GT 86 after only two complaints

An advert for the Toyota GT 86 coupe has been banned by the advertising watchdog, after viewers complained that it was “irresponsible” and “condoned dangerous driving”.

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) received two complaints against the computer game-style advert, which shows a man get into a GT 86 and drive at speed through the streets of a computer-animated world. The man is followed by a police helicopter, before bursting through a glass barrier in to the real world.

Toyota has defended the ad claiming that it “was clearly set in an animated, artificial and fantasy environment,” and that it “did not condone or encourage unsafe or irresponsible driving.”

However, the ASA upheld the complaint, saying that the “highly stylised nature” of the commercial “glamourised the reckless manner in which the car was driven.”

The ban applies to the longer 90 second version of the advert that has been shown on YouTube and in cinemas.

Shorter versions of the advert have not been affected by the ban, however. Watch the 60 second version below:

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These people need to get a grip. Complaining about a car ad. Nothing better to do, Really?

I wonder if they will ban the need for speed advert also. Gang of idiots.

The people who complain about the adverts are obviously the same mindless idiots who see something in a newspaper that instantly forms their personal opinion. Some people... They're the danger to society.

Yeah, right. Because people who buy this car do it for it's responsible drivability. Toyota should bring out a new advert highlighting the reasonable boot space and we should bury ASA with complaints, pointing out that the advert misrepresents the car as a reasonable hatchback and fails to point out its sideways driftability.

some people just need to pull there heads out of there big fat ass and get a life. no more so then these 2 worthless humans!!

The problem with society is the stupid people in charge, who listen to the stupid public. Whatever happened to common sense? How the stupid people find who to complain to is beyond me, perhaps it's those who have the extra 40hrs a week on their hands, that the rest of us spend WORKING!

What a joke, why ASA would take the time and effort to ban one of the few ads around at the moment with an actual message to it, because of to two narrow minded people's complaints is astonishing, and why they would complain in the first place is even more disconcerting. Quite ironic how the ad is showing that 'real is not allowed around here', and it has been banned for that very reason.

I must admit I never liked this advert. I found it way too cheesy. More to the point; why wasn't the "sounds like a Golf - handles like a Golf" advert banned - you can see the wheels of BMW 5 series going sideways?

Dear oh dear! Can't build cars properly so they all get recalled, now they get their ads pulled too!

So in our democracy, the freedom to choose what we watch can be determined by two people from the hard-of-thinking department? There are far greater abominations of TV, including the programmes they were probably watching when the ad came up: X factor? Get me out of here?

Its nonsense, if this advert encourages dangerous driving then what the hell to computer game adverts like forza, grand turismo do? They both feature real cars so the arguement above is null and void

Do people have nothing better to do with their lives? Sitting at home, flicking through channels looking for something to moan about, how sad =/

Perhaps the Ad should have said -to get around two numptees anyway- 'Responsible drivers buy our cars for many reasons, like reliability. Now you can buy one that is also fun; at least where you are still alowed to have fun that is. But of course, you can also drive it responsibly.'

On this whole recall thing, Toyota have had under 10 in 2012. Mercedes, Ford, PSA, and, well, almost everyone else, have had north of 40. Do your homework rather than just reading what the press say.

The ASA are GAY.

The ASA should make the full details of the complaints (not necessarily complainees) public, so us non-responsible drivers can see the error of our ways. Jeez, some people....

“glamourised the wreckless manner in which the car was driven.”

Oh, hahaha! Wreckless indeed. That must mean that it didn't crash. (Perhaps the writer hasn't got a spell-check).

I think this is one of the best adverts I've seen in a long while. Two complaints. TWO COMPLAINTS.

Either way, top marks to the marking company that came up with this. If I didnt know the car was a bit rubbish I'd be massively tempted based on that advertisement.