Toyota GT 86 convertible

1 Feb, 2013 10:07am Luke Madden

Toyota has released a sketch of the FT-86 Open concept, ahead of its Geneva Motor Show debut

Toyota will preview a convertible version of the GT 86 sports car, with a new concept called the FT-86 Open, which is set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

This early sketch reveals the coupe’s clean lines will be transferred over to the convertible almost unchanged, while the roof is likely to be a basic folding cloth set-up to keep weight as low as possible.

The convertible will be offered with the same 197bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine as the coupe, but the extra weight will mean the 0-62mph time will be slightly down on the coupe’s 7.6-second time.

Toyota has already revealed to Auto Express that prototypes for the convertible are already out on the road, as the firm looks to develop the GT 86 in as many ways as it can.

Toyota is also investigating a hybrid system and ways to increaseits power, although chief engineer Tada-san is hesitant about starting an upward spiral of weight and price.

The new GT 86 convertible is likely to go on sale early in 2014, with a starting price of around £26,000.

Toyota will also unveil the i-Road concept at Geneva, designed as a Renault Twizy-style all-electric model for just two people. The production-ready Auris Touring Sports will also be on the stand, before it goes on sale later this year.

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I think it looks fantastic! Surely the big news here (which neither AE or the other big mag with 'Auto' in the name have picked up on) is that it's a 2+2?

The original is 2+2 so why wouldn't it also be?

Great car - now just get the price down to match the MX5 and stop charging £1500 more for the auto version.

Sure will give the MX-5 a run for its money

Because no other convertible of this size or price has been a 2+2 for years. Porsche and Jag are the closest, and they're three times the price

A Porsche 944 can be had for £1000 ;-) But seriously I am not sure people are choosing the GT86 for the back seats. The UK sales numbers are very low - this car should be selling in large numbers. It's a JAP car! When the MX5 mk4 comes out - if the GT86 is still far more expensive then Mazda gets my money once again.

Also the price of the coupe (not the convertible) is far too high. In Australia it costs less than the MX5, in the UK it's 50% more. Why is that?

The MX5 is a hairdressers car, this car is for the blokes.

Love the normal coupe version of the GT86 but this one is not for me. Droptop = less rigid body. Would leave this version to the ladies.

"Toyota is also investigating a hybrid system"... More AE BS

I opened this story specifically to see if there was someone with an inane hairdresser comment. What a surprise, there was! The overwhelming majority of the people who say the MX-5 is a hairdresser's car are usually the same ones who don't appreciate proper cars (i.e. ones that drive well and are engineered well, whatever the badge or perceived image). Such people aren't really car enthusiasts but image enthusiasts. Quite sad really.

Your quite right Roger. Also the people who label the MX5 a hairdressers car have clearly never driven it either, and will never no just how good a drivers car it really is.