Toyota GT 86 saloon on the cards

Toyota GT 86 saloon
23 Oct, 2013 4:00pm

Toyota GT 86 saloon has been given the go-ahead, according to inside source

The Toyota GT 86 convertible concept still has an uncertain future - there's still no word on whether it'll make production. But Toyota engineers have been busy coming up with a plan B.

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An inside source has revealed that the go-ahead has been given for a GT 86-based saloon. Shown here in our exclusive image, the four-door will target buyers in their forties who honed their driving skills on cars like the rear-wheel-drive Corolla AE86, Mazda RX-8 and Honda S2000.

Using the same platform as the GT 86, but with a wheelbase that’s 100mm longer, it will feature what Toyota calls a “keen-look” grille design that appears to replicate the shape of a Japanese Samurai sword.

In addition to the GT 86’s 197bhp 2.0-litre boxer engine, the saloon will also offer a Hybrid R powertrain producing between 250-270bhp, while achieving 10 to 15 per cent better fuel economy than the standard petrol-engined car.

Our insider suggests that the new system will employ F1-style KERS tech, which can recover the car’s kinetic energy under braking and deliver it back to the rear wheels in short bursts. Expect to see the GT 86 saloon on sale from late 2015, with prices starting from £28,000.

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I like the Toyota GT 86 saloon that's on the cards

Take my money!!!

A Toyota I'd like to drive? Yes please!

I hope they do put this into production and sell it here not just one of these cars not avaliable here, there are too many these boring euro/jap/korean/american CUV's / SUV's and hatchbacks in UK, yawn !

Agree - nice to escape the SUV plague with something lightweight, goes like stink, and handles well.

Give me a GT86 estate!

GT86 is all about balance: of form and function; of immaculate handling and just enough power.
It is some undertaking transferring all these attributes of balance to a saloon. Where do I sign?

A GT86 which offers practicality sounds very appealing. I would have one,

Forget the Avensis Eurobox, get the price right on a GT86 saloon & estate, produce a car in Burnaston that sells well in the UK & put some pride back in the badge...

Hope they put this into production.

The nicest thing about this car is that it's RWD. Toyota killed the Corolla as a Tuner's car when they went FWD following Honda. Somehow Honda managed to have cult following for it's Integra B18 series Twin Cm 1800 CC VTec engines, especially the B18C found in the Type-R with special Head design that spun to 10,000 rpm daily. Toyota fell way behind on this and their car became a boring commute although they added a 20V 4AGE. The fact that it was FWD didn't bring it the success Honda enjoyed. So this RWD GT86 is a breath of fresh air. The engine output is not new or spectacular because their 3SGE found in the Celica GT and Carina-E GTi from the 80s and 90s also outputted 197 HP and great torque. That same engine in Turbo the 3SGTE was capable of some 1200 HP fully tuned. What would also be great would be a 4WD option and Turbo. We Toyota lovers have had to resort to Mitsubishi Evolutions and Subaru WRX because there is no Toyota worth buying for decades now. Why does this car need to cost £28,000?