Audi RS3 spied

Audi RS3
Credits: Automedia
4 Oct, 2013 5:30pm Jonathan Burn

An Audi RS3 mule has been spotted testing on public roads in Germany by our spy photographers

The Audi RS3 is revealed in these spy pictures, and at a glance, it looks like a standard S3 but the massive brakes and subtly tweaked air intakes reveal this is a mule for something a little more special.

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Spotted on public roads outside the Nuburgring in Germany, details on the RS3 are still scarce but reports suggest it is expected in late 2014, with the possibility of a debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Underneath the S3 body lies the running gear of the RS3, suspected to be a tuned version of the 2.5-litre turbocharged five-cylinder engine found in the outgoing model. Power is expected to increase slightly, up to around 360bhp, which will  be delivered through Audi’s all-wheel drive quattro system.

It’ll be underpinned by the lightweight MQB platform which should help ensure the RS3 is lighter than its predecessor. Audi will also use experience from its Ultra program to fit the RS3 with more hi-tech, lightweight materials to reduce weight even further. This will help it keep pace with the Mercedes A45 AMG, which boasts a 0-62mph time of 4.6 seconds.

Traditionally, RS models usually indicate the end of a car's lifecycle. The current RS3 was introduced only months before the whole A3 range was refreshed but in this instance Audi seems to be going against its usual regime by introducing the new RS3 earlier than first anticipated.

There are no details on pricing or spec but a price-tag similar to that of the current model, at around £39,000 is expected.

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Just what the world DIDNT ask for - another aborted Golf spin off.

Totally agree this car is far to powerfull and agressive for a small hatch.
A golf would be more than enough in the real world.
More for people who care about image.
I'd rather have a porsche, though i think there under the same company.

I like the Audi RS3 that has been spied

ok, then where does the 350 hp cla A45 amg & bmw 1m fit in???


Why do they always release RS models at the end of the a models lifecycle?

If I'm going to pay £40,000 for a hatch then I don't want it to look out of date within a year when the next gen A3 comes out.

IMO they shoudl release the halo models first, not last.

Sounds like it will be good fun. All that power in an A3!

News of the retention of five cylinders makes me very happy indeed. This may not be the best hot hatch ever (by a long way), but it's never worse than competent and it makes a wonderful noise (much like the old Fiat Bravo HGT).
Now, if Audi would detune the i5 and fit it into the S3, and then remove the turbo altogether and fit that to the A3, I'd be wetting myself with excitement (and saving up for one). Sadly though, the RS3 will always be out of my reach...