Jaguar F-Type leaked

25 Sep, 2012 10:35am Damion Smy

More pictures of the Jaguar F-Type have been leaked, ahead of its world debut on Wednesday night

Following the leak and subsequent release of an official picture of the new Jaguar F-Type Roadster, a whole host of new images have surfaced on the Internet.

The F-Type is due to make its debut at the Paris Motor Show this week, and borrows its looks heavily from the C-X16 concept seen at the Frankfurt show last year.

The rear-wheel-drive two-seater - which is set to rival the Porsche 911 - will be available as a Roadster first, with the coupe version going on sale later. It gets Jaguar's all-new design language, which includes a wide grille, swept-back headlights and sculpted curves. The narrow tail-lights of the concept have been transferred directly into production. 

This latest batch of images includes some shots of the interior, revealing a stubby gearlever - rather than the rotary dial used in other Jags - and there's more of a focus on the driver, with clear, easy to read dials and an uncluttered centre console. Expect material quality to be as good as ever, thanks to plenty of leather, Alcantara and brushed metals. 

Engines for the F-Type have already been confirmed, meaning the line-up is made up of 335bhp and 375bhp versions of Jaguar's new 3.0-litre supercharged V6, as well as a "new derivative" of the existing 5.0-litre supercharged V8. No power output has been confirmed for the V8, but expect it to be in a milder state of tune than the XFR, with around 450bhp.

Stop-start will be fitted as standard, with fuel consumption benefiting even further thanks to a lightweight aluminium construction.

Adrian Hallmark, Global Brand Director, Jaguar Cars, said: “As its sporting forebears did in their era, the F-Type will break new ground by delivering stunning sports car performance while vividly demonstrating Jaguar’s cutting-edge engineering technologies and world-class design excellence. The next step in Jaguar’s sporting bloodline is about to become reality.”

Full details of the Jaguar F-Type will be revealed at the Paris Motor Show.

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Well it great & Excellent. I can do with a Jag with 2 seaters.

Well it time 007 switch to Jaguar. His own Bondmobile issue. I issue James this great new 2 seater with gadgets in Bond 24 if we get the contract with.

Why has Jaguar bothered to produce a cheaper looking Maserati GranCabrio when we already have a sublime looking one. First their designs were identical to Aston (or vica-versa, who knows who copied whom) and now they've copied Maserati. What's the point and why don't they design their own cars? I used to love Jaguars. Wonderful individuality, refinement and great engineering...and now? What a shame, years and millions spent on R&D only to end up with same-same cars. I guess I'll wait till the next iteration and hope they can design something a bit different to the competition.

Wow - looks great to me. I'm unlikely ever to be in a position to buy one but if I was...

I see what you mean. Its open top, it's got 4 wheels, a steering wheel and an engine, just like a Maserati.

they not copied anyone. this is Jag's backyard and time to reclaim it back. its a very good start and i did hear rumours that Porsche dealers are worried about this eating into their market share and sales. in terms of engine technology and new V6 i do feel that jag still have some catching up to do and German engine technology is miles ahead. no doubt this car will rattle the cages of the likes of porsche and show them we Brits can design a car. at the end of the day its a typical British sports car and makes a cracking noise and it does it way than the clinical porsche because its a Jaaag!! wish i could buy one, it'll do me just fine.

iomutufukaku, youre wrong mister.....this 'thing' looks in shape and silhouette so much like that dumpy ugly bit of crap called an SLK that MB foisted on the world. This car bears absolutely no resemblance, in any sense to a Jaguar. You'd only know when your nose was 2 feet from the growler on the front it was a Jaguar. How sad to see the growler 'used' for no more than to stretch your wild imagination about what it was. There is not a single cue, line, shape, design element that says Jaguar. Its just another 'also-ran' open top sports car. ".......
and world-class design excellence". Yeah, really???? Are designers the most arrogant pricks on the planet? I puke every time Callum opens his mouth, to brazenly pat himself on the back and tell the world what a terribly clever smart fella he is. He's not the best designer in the world, and never will be. Dont know if he's still at Jaguar, but they missed the boat with this. Jaguar had a rich heritage and pedigree, and a unique design language. All that has been flushed down the bog, in the name of???? Destruction of the brand??? "
while vividly demonstrating Jaguar’s cutting-edge engineering technologies" ......all fabulous values clearly visible through a showroom window......NOT. The crap that falls out of these blokes mouths is something else! Perhaps, and its a big one, they may after two or three face lifts/revisions, get some Jaguar-ness back into it. here's hoping. The comparison with a 911 is pathetic. Porsche somehow managed to retain the very same outline from almost day one, eons ago. Pity Jaguar had nothing at all, that looked like any other Jaguar, to offer the world. Most sadly though is the fact this car is only expected to steal market share, not grow the cake. Shame!!