Jessica Ennis talks cars with Auto Express

13 Dec, 2012 10:21am

Watch our exclusive interview with Olympic gold medalist Jessica Ennis to find out her verdict on the new Jaguar F-Type

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Cute girl with beautiful, straight teeth. That's somewhat unusual in the UK. She has great dental genes or she's been to an orthodontist (more likely). It makes her all the more appealing. Having won the gold in the heptathlon, she's quite the leaper herself. She's certainly not a growler.

By the way, the F-type is beautiful, too, and I'm eager to test one after they arrive here in the US. I hope it sells well for Jaguar. We love our '05 XJ VDP. I'm looking forward to replacing it with a good, used version of the current shape. I'm not a union member, so I doubt Obama will help me with that.

Ha! whenever I see Jessica Ennis, I'll just think of her growler!!

she's also quite intelligent which would be somewhat unusual in the US. Patronising twat

Indeed 'Lotusyank' she is hot looking - and she has a brain, which would be somewhat unusual in the US...

me too