Jaguar F-Type Coupe price and release date revealed

20 Nov, 2013 7:16pm Paul Bond

The Jaguar F-Type Coupe has been revealed at the LA and Tokyo motor shows

After weeks of spy shots and teaser images, Jaguar has finally unveiled the stunning F-Type Coupe at the LA and Tokyo shows, launching a new 542bhp flagship R in the process. The manufacturer has said that it has been “the world’s most dynamic car reveal ever.”

Engines and performance

Like the Convertible, the Coupe range is kicked off by a 335bhp 3.0-litre supercharged V6, which sits below a V6S, with a 375bhp version of the same engine. But where the convertible range is topped by a 488bhp V8S, the Coupé has the 542bhp V8 R.

The V6 and V6S offer identical performance to the Convertible versions, with 0-60mph in 5.1 and 4.8 seconds respectively. As you’d expect, the R Coupé is the quickest F-Type, with 0-60mph in four seconds flat – two-tenths up on the V8S Convertible.

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We got the chance to take a closer look at the car at the LA Motor Show in our video below.

Styling and price

The F-Type’s dramatic styling is carried over, although the Coupé is arguably more striking, with a gently curving roof and hatch opening. A panoramic roof is available as an option. Plus, the 407-litre boot is far bigger than the soft-top’s 196-litre space. The F-Type Coupe goes on sale in spring, priced from £51,235 – around £7,000 less than the soft-top and fractionally more than the Porsche Cayman S. Go for the F-Type R and you’ll pay £85,000. 

Jaguar says Coupé versions will be sharper to drive than their Convertible counterparts because of the more rigid body, with the Coupé said to be the company’s most rigid production car ever.

The R comes with a new torque vectoring by braking system – a first for Jaguar – plus a second-generation electronic differential to help improve handling. Also new is a Carbon Ceramic Matrix braking system, which is optional on V8R and V6S versions of the Coupé. This cuts unsprung mass by 21kg and resists fade better than the standard brakes. It’ll also be offered on the V6S and V8S Convertible models.

The reveal

The hype and anticipation surrounding the new F-Type Coupe meant an equally dramatic reveal was necessary. At the Raleigh Studios in Playa Vista, California, the Auto Express team were rubbing shoulders with celebrities such as Simon Cowell, Jodie Kidd and Miranda Kerr when the range-topping 542bhp F-Type R Coupe hurtled towards the grandstand at full throttle before passing the crowd underneath.     

The celebration was led by Jaguar’s Director of Design, Ian Callum, who said: “Creating a sports coupe is the purest of design tasks and also the most challenging, get it right and aesthetically the result will be as dynamic as the car should be rewarding to drive. In the F-Type Coupe, I believe we’ve got it right.”

LA Motor Show 2013

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The hardtop is going to cost more than the roadster ??!! If multi-millionaire Clarkson can zero-in on the roadster's price as a significant drawback then this was the opportunity to apply a lower price to the coupe so lesser mortals than Jezza can afford it.

Jag's pricing policy is already mistaken: there are sub 3k mileage V6-S's being sold at Independents around £ 58-59K. These are fully specced and represent a drop of £ 15K in 3 months.

I have a deposit on a V6-S still and flatly told the garage that at those ludicrous depreciation rates I'll be buying a one-year-old. By inflating new car prices you only store up stupid depreciation rates which hang around a car like a bad smell for its entire production cycle.

Witness for the prosecution: what cretin other than a Lotto winner buys a brand new XKR for full list ? Jag: this is a mistaken marketing ploy and a further example of how way, way behind you are Porsche when it comes to ‘perceived brand value and professionalism’.

I was hoping the influx of German management would begin to dilute the Brummie "that'll do it-ism' that's plagued the industry but I see little sign of that. I'd be looking at changing the sales and marketing 'heads' very soon to recruit someone commensurate with Jag's superb design and growing engineering prowess. Goodbye Mr Hallmark perhaps ?

Agreed Bertoni. No way that coupe should cost more than the convertible.
I love this car so. IMO it and the Alpha 8C are the two most beautiful cars to hit the road in a very long time.

Indeed, Nick, I'm also of the same opinion. Ian Callum must be one of the best designers out there.....Unfortunately I get the feeling that his abilities are somewhat Premiership to the Marketing Department's Division One.....Alice Temperley is one of their brand ambassadors for Heaven's sake.......Almost makes Dany Bahar's recruitment of Swiss Beatz to promote Lotus look...well.....kinda inspired ;-)

What's the point of the XK's now?

jaguar will redesign the XK and make it bigger. It will become a totally different car.

The F-Type, was supposed to take on the Porsche Boxter/Caymen. A ligtweight sports car from 2.5 Litre V6 to 4.0 V8. And to be roughly a comparable price. It has missed that target.

The XK was supposed to be a GT Coupe / Convertible to take on the Porsche 911 Carrera, BMW 6 Series and the Maserati GranTurismo. It was meant to do London to Monte Carlo, A road cruisers

I don't understand what they are doing, with their sports cars.

hardtop is cheaper - read the article!

But the entry level hardtop is £7k cheaper than the convertible? Did you read the article?

Quite so ' A user'. This article originally appeared last week. AE seems to have attached my initial comments to this later story covering the official reveal today. The first AE release had 'said' that the coupe was going to cost more.... as per the Boxster-Cayman relationship which, for the F-Type, was clearly preposterous.

I have a deposit on the F-Type and told my dealer to hold it even though I declined to go for the convertible. The dealer and I were both of the same mind that Jag would use the 'high' price of the convertible to slot the hardtop underneath creating a more value-proposition. I see sense has prevailed since a well-specced F-Type S cab was coming in around £ 75K.... I also note from Autobild that there's a F-type running around with the new 2-litre turbo Jag is working on for the entire family of new models.....Prices and avoirdupois might drop yet again I hope !!!

Thanks Dave but do look at the timeline....My initial comments on the original story are 13 days ago....Yes, that's nearly 2 weeks in old money. Being eagle-eyed you'll note AE does update the contents of the same headline article occasionally. A simple mistake but 7 out of 10 for observational skills.

Thought it said the coupe is around £7000 less

Ah well that clears that up then.

Good luck on getting the car, the F-Type is the best looking thing on our roads at the moment. I've just bought a house so unfortunately one of these is out my price range!

Yes, AE seems to be messing about with the timeline since my first comments were 13 days ago. Bit confusing of them mixing the same comments on a different storyline. Good luck with the house BTW !!

Can anyone tell me why it took an Indian company, not a US company, to make Jaguar a success?

Sorry, doesn't look like a Jaguar, more like a Nissan.

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