VW up! GTI rumoured

6 Feb, 2012 1:13pm Sam Hardy

Volkswagen up! GTI with more potent turbocharged three-cylinder engine rumoured

Volkswagen could be working on an up! GTI according to company sources. The up! GT will go on sale early next year – but Auto Express has been told there's no reason a more potent version wearing the GTI badge can't go on sale. 

We drove a prototype version of the 108bhp up! GT earlier this year, and engineer Torsten Oehmke told us it was possible to get even more power from the 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbo. “We might be able to achieve 130bhp in future,” he said. “The six-speed box could certainly handle the extra power and torque.”

We asked Oehmke if a more muscular model could carrythe GTI badge, and he told us: “That’s a question for our marketing department. If it asks us to call the car GTI, so be it. There is definitely room above the up! GT.”

Oehmke also confirmed that the 108bhp engine will also be made available to Skoda and SEAT, so they can produce hotter versions of the Citigo and Mii city cars. Plus, the engine will appear in the Polo.

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The last Lupo GTI was about 123bhp and 112lbft, NA, so no turbo lag. With a 975kgs kerb-weight. A replacement GTi will need to be at least as good, Ford has 123bhp and 125lbft from it's 1.0 turbo.
So I think VW can and should make a decent GTI.
If they can keep the weight below 975kgs I will approve.
They need to give it proper rear disc brakes though, which i'm not sure if the UP has yet in GT form?

Not only that the Up's talents are going to be built on with more power, but also more powerful versions are going to be made of the Skoda and Seat versions of the car.

Will definitely be considered for our next second car.

lool lool lool...........

it will need to be reworked, i drove a basic up! on zipcar. It is very nippy aslbet a bit scury when yoou're going over bends at speed. The gti will need to have much stiffened suspension or keep the power to around 110-115 max so it doesn't create too much body roll issues.

Still verey powerful if you consider the power to weight ratio.

The up! is ugly though, that's my problem with it. The grill looks too plan and the vw badge looks fake. The front styling needs to be reworked. Put a smaller badge in and stick to the classic golf/polo look.