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4 Jun, 2015 4:00pm Sam Naylor

Looking to cut your car insurance costs? One of these should do the trick, the cheapest cars to insure in the UK

The cheapest cars to insure aren't always easy to discover: there are so many factors that insurers take into account that you can never really be sure which models command the lowest insurance premiums.

It's something that affects everyone too. From a 17 year-old new driver to the most experienced motorists, a car that is cheap to insure comes high in many people's car buying priorities.

Although there are other factors in play, the simplest way to work out how expensive a car is to insure would be its insurance group. All of the cars in our main list on this page are in insurance group 1 or 2 - the lowest possible. These cars have been ranked as being low risk by the insurance industry, and so premiums are smaller - even for young or first-time drivers.

• Cheapest cars to run

Our top tip is to shop around when looking for your car insurance - don't just rely on the insurance group. Check any of the cars with your own details on price comparison sites to make sure you know which car and insurer to go for before you make a purchase. Do remember that some companies do not advertise on these comparison sites and you may get a better deal by phoning them up too.

Check out our list of the best first cars to see our favourites for young drivers, but if insurance cost is your biggest hurdle to car ownership then make sure you check out the list below. It doubles as a list of solid, affordable first-car choices as well.

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Cheapest cars to insure 2014

Click the tabs on the top left of this page or the links below for full details on the cheapest cars to insure in the UK at the moment. 

All of the models listed in alphabetical order above fall into insurance groups 1 or 2 but if none of them appeal, just keep reading.

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Cheapest cars to insure continued…

Below is our list of the cars with low insurance costs that didn’t quite make it into our main run-down of insurance group 1 and 2 cars. These cars have models in their range that fall into insurance group 3, but will still help keep your insurance premiums in check.

Citroen C1
Ford Ka
Ford Fiesta
Kia Picanto
Kia Rio
Proton Satria Neo Smart ForTwo
Toyota iQ
Vauxhall Adam

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"By choosing one these new models from the lowest car insurance groupings, even first time drivers can get on the road without breaking the bank. "

What about the £200 you have to fork out a month, plus depositm it costs you for a brand new car?!

what a pointless article. the cheapest cars to insure are the cheapest cars to buy. really? wow! and i was expecting to see the latest Lambo on there.
What about cheapest 2nd hand cars (and less than cheapest new cars) with a bit of 'oomph' - that would be interesting...

Where does it say you have to buy new?

They are all tiny, tinny cars. So if a truck runs into you, you are dead. If you value your life and your family's lives buy an old big Mercedes or Volvo and insure it third party.

Third party can sometimes be more expensive than fully comp..

In the sentence "By choosing one these new models... ".

Can't beeat a old classic car on classic car insurance like Mini, Moggie or 1.3 Mk1 Escort their insurance is the lowest on the road.

Add a pre 1973 it's tax exempt. No road tax to pay.

Pre 1960 no MOT test costs ever to pay for.

Old classic are appreciating in value like a good wine, won't loose half their value like a new car in 3 years.

But at least all family won't be lying on a slab in an undertakers when the small car gets hit by a truck, false economy like Brian says. l think that was the point he was making.

Except you need to be over 21 for classic insurance last time I looked into it.