F-Type: New details

Jaguar F-Type
30 Oct, 2012 5:15pm Luke Madden

The F-Type will be the “most focused Jaguar in line-up”, according to brand director Adrian Hallmark

The Jaguar F-Type is set to be “the most focused Jaguar in the line-up, even more so than the extreme XKR-S,” according to brand director Adrian Hallmark.

“Look at the leap between a standard XK and the XKR-S, the F-Type will be like that but three-fold again,” Hallmark told Auto Express.

However, the power, torque and all-important bhp-per-tonne figures are tipped in the XK’s favour. The XK beats the base-model F-Type, boasting 224bhp per tonne, 14 more than the F-Type, while the top-spec cars manage 302bhp per tonne and 293bhp per tonne for the XKR-S Cabrio and F-Type V8 S respectively.

But despite the power deficit, the statistics also show that the base-model F-Type V6 outsprints the XK Cabrio from 0-62mph in 5.3 seconds - 0.3 seconds faster than its bigger brother - while it’s closer between the top-spec XKR-S Cabrio and F-Type V8 S, which manage 0-62mph in 4.4 and 4.3 seconds respectively.

So despite the fact that the XK’s weight disadvantage is overcome with extra power, the F-Type is still a faster-accelerating car.

And as for how it goes in the bends, we’ll have to content ourselves with on-paper figures for now, as we have to wait until spring next year to test out Adrian Hallmark’s claim for ourselves.