Kia Sportage updated for 2014

9 Jan, 2014 5:31pm Jonathan Burn

A mid-life facelift for the Kia Sportage, now fitted with more kit at no extra cost

An updated version of the Kia Sportage SUV for 2014 has been revealed. It features tweaked styling and equipment upgrades over the previous model, with prices remaining the same, starting from £17,495 and rising to £29,495.

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The subtle redesign includes a new version of the ‘tiger-nosed’ grille, now framed with a chrome surround, plus restyled mesh on the central radiator. Round the back, the lights now offer better illumination and top-spec models are fitted with an LED rear cluster. New 16-, 17- and 18-inch alloy wheels are included, too.

Inside, new soft-touch materials have been added to the centre console and dashboard, plus a six-way adjustable driver's seat and heated steering wheel are now fitted as standard on top-spec models. A 4.2-inch TFT LCD screen is fitted between the dials displaying vital vehicle information, with selected models benefitting from a larger 4.3-inch screen with an integrated rear-view camera display.

A premium seven-speaker sound system is also available as an optional extra for the first time, with a tyre pressure monitoring system fitted as standard across the range. Another first is the Flex Steer system – standard on higher spec models – which varies the steering weight for easier parking and increased stability at higher speeds.

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Engine options remain the same but two new model variants have been added to the range, bringing the total number of models available up to 16. The additions include an all-wheel drive version of the entry-level spec model fitted with the 2.0-litre CRDi engine (£21,495) and a 1.7-litre CRDi diesel motor is an option on the top spec two-wheel drive model (£24,995).

The updated 2014 Kia Sportage is available to order now, with first deliveries set for February.

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Kia obviously worried that the new Nissan Qashqai looks better than the Sportage but, unlike the Sportage, isn't a heap of Korean junk.

Grow up.

I like Kia Sportage updated for 2014

Wheres the beef?

We have a 2012 Sportage II CRDI and its great and - most important - super serice and Zero complaints/problems!

Its well equipped and the ride is good, its spacious and most economical on the autobahn and fast roads of Germany where we live!

And - most important - its great value for money!

Thank you Peter Schreyer!

You obvouisly dont know much about Kia, the sportage is a european design and build. Not Korean Junk!

There seem to be quite of a few of these around. I'm no particular fan but in the SUV crowd its sharp styling does stand out.
I can't tell what changed in this facelift? Moreover rivals such as Qashqai are several VED bands better in both petrol and diesel guises.
There's no beating Kia warranty though which should make it a great buy for private buyers who may keep the car for longer than 3 years.

Really happy that KIA updated the Sportage, no really I am ! lol Now you done that & got tonnes of other hatches/suv's in your line up not to mention other brands doing same thing, now KIA please bring UK a coupe/sports cars, they will sell well here, remember when Hyundai did that with the coupe ? yes the UK was a very big market for them ! KIA you already have the Forte coupe & in RHD for some countries so shouldn't be difficult to make road legal in UK should it ??

Unless they do something about the abysmal engines which drink diesel like an alcoholic knocks back booze & the darn awful automatic Torque Converter gearboxes which don't know whether to go up or down and are a complete & utter disaster in the automatics.

Factor in the dire handling as well, then the new Nissan Qashqai will smash it out of sight and it comes with a very similar specification, plus a PROPER DAB radio.

Totally unlike the Kia which has an effort that Heath Robinson would be immensely proud of & isn't worth £2,50, let alone £250.

I had a Sportage and it was utter rubbish. My partner has a Qashqai and it is simply in a league above! end of.