Five-door MINI hatchback

2 Nov, 2012 12:10pm Luke Madden

Our spy photographers have spotted the new five-door version of the MINI hatchback testing

These are the spy pictures that prove MINI is working on a stretched and slightly more practical five-door version of its MINI hatchback.

The new variant will join the next-generation MINI line-up, but it isn’t thought to be a replacement for the quirky Clubman. The five-door gets a slightly stretched wheelbase and some shorter front doors, allowing MINI to squeeze in a pair of small rear openings.

These shots reveal a slightly more bulbous rear end than the three-door, which should help to increase boot space slightly. The extended wheelbase will boost rear legroom, too.

Most next-generation MINI models will be powered by 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol and diesel engines. The petrols are capable of producing between 122bhp and 224bhp, while the diesel will produce between 82bhp and 184bhp.

The three-door MINI is expected to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September next year. The five-door hatch is expected to be unveiled in early 2014.

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Looks like a Riley Elf rump.

or a Wolsley Hornet :) i.e a "posh" mini from the 60s

I thought the countryman was meant to be the 5 door model... so now they're releasing a second 5 door model that does exactly the same, slightly odd?

Not really odd. Just a tacit admission that the Countryman is an ungainly freak. There is no guarantee though that this prototype will ever make prroduction

may as well call it a biggi cos its no longer mini- ruinin the whole thing!!!!!!!!!!

Urgh. Mini continues to obliterate it's image, month after month. And now they tell us they're not making the Rocketman!? The only mini MINI and they're not gonna bother building a new chassis for it!?

A1 5-door version will finally get some competition.

When will they ever stop? Soon we'll get Mini MPV or RV

I'd hardly call a Bini a rival for the quality Audi A1.

BMW continue to trash the fond memories of the real Mini. When will they use some real innovation (like the real Mini) instead of purely cynical marketing?