MINI One 2014 revealed

MINI One front
7 Mar, 2014 4:54pm Jack Rix

Entry-level MINI One, featuring lower-powered three-cylinder engines, revealed at the 2014 Geneva show

We’ve already driven the new MINI Cooper and Cooper S, and now the more affordable MINI One and MINI One diesel have broken cover at the Geneva show.

Although it get the same chrome-rimmed floating grille and blacked-out pillars, the entry-level MINI is identified not just by the badge on the boot, but by its smaller wheels, simpler lower air intake at the front and non-contrasting roof.

Under the MINI One’s bonnet is a 1.2-litre three-cylinder engine producing 102bhp and 180Nm of torque. Despite being 0.3-litres smaller in capacity than the Cooper it gets all the same technology, including a TwinPower turbo, direct-injection, variable valve timing and variable cam timing.

MINI John Cooper Works concept revealed

Fuel economy and emissions are 61.4mpg and 108g/km with the six-speed manual, or 58.9mpg and 112g/km with the six-speed auto, while 0-62mph takes 9.9 seconds and the top speed is 121mph.

The MINI One D keeps the same 1.5-litre three-cylinder turbodiesel as the Cooper D, but with 95bhp and 220Nm instead of 116bhp and 270Nm. Only available with a manual gearbox, it returns 83.1mpg and 89g/km of CO2.

The MINI One and One D are expected to go on sale in the autumn with prices starting from around £14,000 for the petrol and £15,000 for the diesel.

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Was the photo taken with a fish-eye lens, or is that how the Mini looks now?

I fear so. Regrettably it maintains the gopping detailing sadly characteristic of BMW/Mini nowadays. Even the fuel filler cap cover is maladroit.

It probably was taken with a wide-angle lens, and I don't think the white paint colour does it any favours either, but like so many designs now the MINI has got a snout for a front end. There's too much metal between the headlights and the grille: I'm hoping it looks better in real life.
Its interesting that it has a slightly smaller engine. They did the same thing with the 2nd generation One (1.4), but changed it to a lower-powered version of the 1.6 Cooper engine after a short time as it was a bit flat in the mid range.

Must be easy being a designer at BMW/Mini, as no matter how awful your design is, people will still buy it, don those sunglasses and be absolutely convinced that everyone else is throwing admiring, jealous glances at them. It's easy to laugh at them, but then you realise that such people are also allowed to vote.

Got any examples of your brilliant car designs then? How many of your car designs have sold well?

It was once put (by Dr. Johnson?) that you did not have to be able to make a table to say "that's not a very good table." No difference in principle whatsoever here.

Not good looking at all in these photos all though the only good looking car of this size has got to be the Fiesta. The Fabia is the ugliest!

So, like the arrogant VW salesman I encountered recently when considering trading in my MINI for a Golf VI, who said I should change because MINIs have "had their day", you assume the only reason people buy them is because they are fashionable. You are a very clever man to be able to read so many minds.

What I've said is true as surely it would be foolish to try to deny that for many Mini buyers, they are a fashion item, but that's not to say that some people just genuinely like the design regardless. It takes all sorts. I'd disagree that Minis have had their day, as the badge and that, all important trendy "mini... but mate, its' a bmw underneath" image with it's checked wing mirrors and stripes, are (I assume) as strong as ever. Your sarcasm is misplaced. With regard to VW salesmen, I agree they are arrogant - on a different level to other car salesman. Unfortunately, it is because VWs are extremely easy to sell, and they know it - hence the awful arrogance. I can't stand the sight of VW salesman. Also, understand that being rude only reflects badly on the person who is being rude - no one else. You really don't need to do it in order to get your point across.

You're trying to be dismissive of MINI buyers but actually you've complimented them - 'no matter how awful your design is, people will still buy it' - awful is debatable but beneath that skin is a well made, good to drive, cheap to run, fun car and people have cottoned on to this, hence they sell well. Perhaps you're the one too hung up on looks...

It's clear I am being dismissive of them, and one would have to be pretty desperate to try to turn that into a compliment. But hey ho.

Virtually every small car meets all of the criteria you mention, but importantly, at a reasonable price. Anyone who purchases a mini is paying way over the top (it is notorious for being stupidly priced), and then, to be ridiculed at the same time for driving such a - let's be kind - "controversial" looking vehicle (it is, and will be laughed at), then that's where we have to say "it takes all sorts".

If there are 100,000 tables sold then it is a good table from the table makers point of view. Regardless of anybody s subjective opinion. In other words, the maker doesn't give as hit if you don't like it. They would be interested in informed peer critique though.

The proof is in the sales, because that is what ultimately matters to a car maker.

Nah. They are dirt cheap on PCP. Competitive with Ford.

I dont actually like how the grill seems to be getting further and further away for the headlights.

But to say everybody who gets a Mini is a fashion victim is going a bit far. I have probably the most controversial of the Mk2's the Countryman but there are various reasons why I went for it.

I wouldnt something with 4WD but not a SUV. Something that would be fun to place down the road and have a bit of poke, decent spec, be reasonably practical and an auto because of a knackered leg.

There arent many cars out there that fit the bill. Nissan Juke DIG-T 4wd has a tiny boot and dreadful CVT. Audi A3 TSI S-Tronic Quattro costs the earth, X1's are hideous, Q3's are too expensive etc etc oh and the wife wouldnt let me buy a Yeti

The Countryman Cooper S All4 has 182bhp, 4wd, 350ltr boot, sits 5 comfortably, has good spec with the chilli pack and is a giggle to throw down the road. Fashion doesn't even come into it.

As a final point, the Mini looks better without the bolt on chin of the Cooper S.

My point was only that you don't have to be a motor stylist to be entitled to say "that really is as ugly as a gargoyle." Sales levels are, as you say, all that interests a maker but I would leave with another alleged quotation " there's a sucker born every minute" (P.T. Barnum)

But you're still saying that looks are the reason people buy them, rather than anything else about the car. I'm on my third MINI, I've bought them because I want a compact car which will accommodate the combination of myself and one or two passengers and/or luggage that I need, is fun to drive, and has one or two quirks that make it feel different to so many other cars on the road. They're very cheap to run, and give me a 'flavour' of the classic Minis I grew up driving and working on. As for being rude, I think you should re-read your original statements, which were far from complimentary.

Nah. Suggesting a car is ugly is subjective. You can correctly state that you find a particular car ugly to look at but your opinion does not automatically stand for the entire human race.

See if you can come up with some original thought of your own, instead of recycling the hackneyed words of others.

Already have! (See comments about wheel arch putting a crease line through filler cap cover) To which can be added e.g., the indicator repeaters which are almost as badly handled as we have come to expect from Mini, although not as bad as with the Countryman.

I've driven several "proper" minis in my time, and my brother owned one for many years back in the late 70s. They are very fresh in my mind, and although I'd like to love everything about them, I do not have fond memories of living with them and driving them at all (very much like the MGB which I drove a couple of years ago, which was a massive disappointment but still had that wonderful noise - the gear change was simply terrible). I must say I'm surprised that you can see anything, anything at all, of that car in BMW's interpretation today.

With regard to rudeness, I'm talking about individuals having a conversation between one another. I am always horrified how so many discussions quickly go down the sewer in many of these blogs. Criticism will always be laid at the door of the vehicle itself (but the Mini doesn't have feelings does it?) and at the people responsible for building and designing them - it is a car magazine after all. I think it's fair game to say their design is "awful and laughable" if I believe it to be so. I don't have to be complimentary. VW salesmen are notoriously arrogant and deserve to be told so - if only to try to improve customer service. So have I been rude, I do not believe so. Have some co-commenters been rude, definitely yes. Personally, I'm very careful to try to ensure to have a good and lively debate and if anyone ever deems anything that I have said to be rude, then be assured it is unintended, and I apologise unreservedly, and wholeheartedly. I don't think you'll ever hear that from anyone else on these blogs!

Excellent looking car, keeps the mini pastiche whilst looking more up to date. Great job BMW.

Pastiche it is but "pastiche" is a word which is not intended as a compliment!

This MINI, the Mk1 and MK2 are UGLY

Looking absolutely awful on those little wheels, which is something that the MINI has managed to avoid up until now. Looking forward to having a good prod around at this at Geneva on Friday!

Your comments were not just aimed at the MINI designers but at the people who buy them too (such people are also allowed to vote, etc..) but I appreciate your apology, and I say the same to you if my slightly sarcastic remark offended you.

I'm not blind to the original Mini's faults, the rust, the clutch judder, the bouncy ride etc, but they had character, and I think the quirks of the MINIs I have owned (1st and 2nd generation) give them some character too. The flat, go-cart handling characteristics, the central speedo, the letterbox windscreen with slim pillars ,the general lines of the car, even the chunky chrome door handles are the things that give some flavour of the original models

Wish I had been able to keep my runout build Mk1 Traveller which I soon learned (we had a Works Motor Club at the place where worked after university) had a stronger engine block but still bored and stroked for 848cc. So it grew twin SUs and a slightly modified head and lengthened Cooper exhaust and of course brake linings that actually made it stop. It did 68K miles without breaking, was then put back to factory spec and sold on... Not pretty but would have looked absolutely marvellous alongside the latest uglies.