Used buyer's guide: Skoda Yeti

15 Jan, 2013 12:30pm Richard Dredge

The award-winning Skoda Yeti makes a great used buy for families


Journalists and owners alike have been hugely enthusiastic about the Yeti ever since it first appeared on the market. There’s no sign of that letting up any time soon, as the Skoda continues to beat all-comers. As an all-round package, this highly versatile family car is hugely appealing. Owners love its versatility and practicality, while reliability is exceptional. The downside of this is the Yeti isn’t available at bargain-basement prices. It also means that surprisingly few Yetis are up for sale at any given time. Owners clearly like to hang on to them, so be prepared to search for the right car.

How much?

Diesel Yetis outnumber petrol versions by more than two to one; search hard and you’ll find the odd example available for under £12,000. The chances are it’ll be a 1.2 TSI, although there’s the occasional high-mileage 2.0 TDI in there, too. Most Yetis are priced at £13,000+, but if you want one of the frugal 1.6 TDI GreenLine cars, you’ll need to spend at least £15,500. An extra £1,000 buys a 60-plate Yeti 1.4 TSI, while the 1.8 TSI engine starts at £15,000, for a 59-plate. You’ll pay a £1,300-£2,000 premium for a 4x4, depending on the car’s age.

Running costs

All Yetis come with variable servicing, which means the car tells you when maintenance is due, depending on how it’s been driven. The maximum allowed between garage visits is two years or 20,000 miles, but it can be less. A minor service costs £167 (£193 if the pollen filter needs replacing) while a major service (every three visits) costs £266. The brake fluid has to be renewed every two years, at a cost of £55, while 4x4 Yetis will need fresh transmission oil every three years, costing £60. On top of this, all Yetis (apart from ones with the 1.2 TSI petrol engine) need a new cambelt every four years or 111,000-130,000 miles (depending on the engine). You can expect to pay around £515 to get this job done.

Model Insurance group Fuel economy CO2 emissions Annual road tax
1.2 TSI fwd 9 to 10 44mpg 149g/km £135
1.4 TSI fwd 12 to 13 41mpg 159g/km £170
1.8 TSI fwd 17 to 18 35mpg 189g/km £250
1.6 TDI 105 fwd 12 61mpg 119g/km £30
2.0 TDI 110 fwd 11 to 12 52mpg 140g/km £120
2.0 TDI 110 4x4 11 to 13 46mpg 159g/km £170
2.0 TDI 140 4x4 16 47mpg 157g/km £170
2.0 TDI 170 4x4 16 to 19 47mpg 155g/km £170