Volkswagen e-up! price announced

Volkswagen e-up! front three-quarter
29 Nov, 2013 6:09pm Jonathan Burn

The price for the Volkswagen e-up! will be £19,250, including the £5,000 Government grant

The all-electric Volkswagen e-up! will cost from £19,250, including the £5,000 government plug-in car grant, when it goes on sale 3 December this year, although first deliveries aren’t expected until February 2014.

Volkswagen e-up! review 

At that price, the e-up! costs £4,857 more than its biggest rival, a top-spec Renault Zoe. The Nissan Leaf, in range-topping Tekna trim, costs a substantial £6,240 more but comes with far more interior space.

Powered by an electric motor producing around 81bhp and 240Nm of torque, VW claims the e-up! is able to cover up to 93 miles on a single charge. Top speed is 81mph, while the sprint from 0-62mph takes 12.4 seconds. A full recharge takes less than nine hours from a standard household socket.

To help achieve maximum driving range, two eco driving modes are fitted as standard. In Eco mode, the vehicle’s peak power is cut to 67bhp, air conditioning output is reduced and throttle response is modified. Eco+ mode reduces power further to only 54bhp and again adjusts the throttle response, while completely disabling the air conditioning all together. A regenerative braking system, with five modes, also helps to increase range.

Available in only one specification, the only option available to customers on the e-up! is the body colour. Standard equipment is generous, with kit such as air conditioning, heated front seats, DAB radio, cruise control and sat nav all fitted as standard.

UK customers will also be offered an optional charging wall box for their homes, which can completely recharge a flat battery in six hours. The e-up! also comes with a DC fast-charging circuit as standard, able to achieve an 80 per cent charge in 30 minutes.

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19 grand for this? What is Volkswagen pricing department smoking these days?

Price tag on this is nothing short of comical.

£19,250 for a little Up, as good as it is, l just can't see to many cash strapped takers at that price as disposable incomes get eaten away with no/low pay rises high above inflation huge utility bill/food price rises.

Bigger more practical electric Renault Kangoo ZE is selling for £12,995 with a 106 mile claimed range.

Step in the right direction but still way to expensive for average folk on average wages to help the EV take off, this technology supposed to get cheaper with time WHEN?

£19k for this. LOL, and they wonder why sales of electric cars are so slow!

What a joke!! This is not a car is a crap.

Let's do some basic maths here...

The basic VW up! starts at £8,265.00

Say you did 5,000 miles an annum with an average mpg of 50 (it's advertised as 62.8mpg) that would cost you £1,770 over 3 years in fuel. Only some minor maintenance would be required as it's a new car, so over 3 years that would cost you £10,035.00 (excluding depreciation).

Who in their right mind would buy a e-up! when it costs 19k before you factor in the electricity and amount of depreciation + maintenance.....madness!

The e-up? Must be for the Yorkshire market, eh lad?

The Northeners are not stupid enough to pay £19,250 for a basic town car.
Buy a Dacia and pocket the cash!

I'm loving the way AE only quote the Leaf's top spec price with every conceivable extra.....what ridiculous child like journalism/ German propaganda!! Next you will be telling me the BMW i3 is a bargain and that it's NCAP rating of 4 isn't a problem.....