Volkswagen up! gains ESC and DAB radio as standard

VW up! Black front cornering
Credits: Otis Clay
5 Jun, 2014 1:35pm Jordan Bishop

All 2015 Volkswagen up! models will feature ESC and DAB radio, meaning the tech is now fitted across the entire Volkswagen line-up

Volkswagen will now offer its entire up! line-up with both electronic stability control and DAB digital radio fitted as standard.

The decision means the German brand’s entire model range will now feature the two technology systems for no added cost.

Previously, only certain variants of the up! city car were available with standard-fit ESC, with customers having to fork out £160 to have it fitted in entry-level versions.

All new VW up! customers will benefit from the knowledge that the manufacturer’s electronic stability control can take action should it detect the car slipping. It does this by applying the brakes to one or more of the wheels and, if necessary, by reducing engine power independently of the driver.

Volkswagen has likewise been gradually introducing DAB, having added it to every vehicle, from Polo to Touareg. It could be fitted to the up! as an optional extra as of 2013.

As well as gaining a wider selection of radio station choices, those who prefer the traditional FM reception may also be pleased to hear that VW audio systems continue to incorporate this mode of transmission.