Just Mobile Gum emergency charger

Just Mobile Gum emergency charger
21 Nov, 2012 10:00am Jamie Fretwell

Tiny Gum charger will recharge an empty iPhone in only two hours



If you get caught on the move with a low iPhone battery, but don’t have access to a 12V charger for your car, the new Just Mobile Gum emergency charger could come to the rescue.

All you need to do is keep the 2,200mAh battery pack charged up in your glovebox or pocket, and its 1amp output will revive either an iPhone or an iPod very quickly.

As with all Just Mobile devices, the design is simple and looks great – we tested a silver model, but black and red versions are available, too. The kit comes with a cloth pouch, micro-USB cable and an adapter.

We charged it up at home, then put the device with its cables in the pouch and stuck it in the glovebox. Its small size helps here – it fits in the palm of your hand, but the input and output sockets are well labelled.

When you need juice, just plug in the cable, press the button and keep track of its progress via three LED indicators. The Gum revived our depleted iPhone 4 to full health in two hours.

But the Gum had no power left after we’d used it once and, annoyingly, there’s no mains plug cable included, so you’ll have to use your computer or a USB adapter to recharge it.

It’s also not compatible with an iPad or iPhone 5. And for in-car recharging, a 12V adapter and iPod cable is a cheaper option.

At a glance

Price: £49.99
Contact: www.just-mobile.eu