BMW GINA concept

18 Jun, 2008 1:32pm Tom Phillips

German giant reveals GINA concept with moving bodywork.

Here is a car that’s dressed to impress. Instead of sporting traditional metal bodywork, the stunning BMW GINA roadster is clothed in a hi-tech fabric skin.

Not only does this provide a striking look, the durable material is stretched over a wire frame which can move at the flick of a switch, completely changing the car’s appearance.

One of the smartest additions is the bonnet – as our pictures show, it splits down the centre like a sports bag, instead of being hinged. Other highlights include a rear wing reminiscent of the stubby tail of a 6-Series coupé, which can be raised for a sporty look, while the headlights close like eyelids when they’re not in use. The scissor-opening doors can move to create a look similar to that seen on the Z4 .

The GINA’s interior can also be shaped and sculpted to suit, and any dials and switches which aren’t in use are hidden out of sight.

But although the stunning concept car has only just broken cover, BMW design supremo Chris Bangle and his team created the GINA in 2001 to inspire the shape of roadgoing BMWs for the next decade. It’s a testament to Bangle’s creativity that the car still looks as fresh as it does – despite being nearly eight years old!

To build the machine, designers took the chassis and V8 powerplant from the retro Z8 roadster and dressed it in the special bodywork.

But the GINA hasn’t only been designed to turn heads. Expect its looks to influence the next-generation Z4.

Don't miss our film showing how it works!

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