New Dacia Sandero

27 Sep, 2012 10:54am Richard Ingram

Pictures and details of the Fiesta-rivalling Dacia Sandero, following its Paris Motor Show debut

Dacia hasn’t yet delivered its first Duster 4x4 in the UK, but already the brand is readying the Sandero supermini for here, too.

Renault’s budget sub-brand has been selling the hatchback in Europe for five years now, and has finally announced the UK arrival of the Sandero just as it’s been facelifted.

What’s more, with prices from under £7,000, it will undercut the cheapest Ford Fiesta by around £2,000.

The new Sandero gets a 320-litre boot with 60:40 split-fold rear seats, while a durable cabin and dashboard complete the no-nonsense layout.

Trim levels and spec will ape those on the Duster. This means base cars will make do without alloy wheels, electric mirrors or air-con, although airbags, ABS and power steering will all be fitted as standard.

Mid-spec models get body-coloured bumpers, front foglights and a height-adjustable driver’s seat, while top-spec cars get alloys and a trip computer.

The Sandero is due to go on sale in the UK in January, and will be sold from Renault dealers.

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Believe it or not, but the Sandero / Logan combo is on it's way to the Global Top10 car sales ranking. Fun!

Tens of thousand units per month are digested by folks in Russia, India, Brazil, Africa, folks not spoiled by VAG's 'softtouch dash' marketing frenzy.

What?? They eat them?

Cheap and cheerful and no doubt what lots of people want. Dacia look set to take the space vacated by Kia/Hyundai.


absollute bargain car
look out ford..vauxhall vw...they will only
get better and the price will be right

In Brazil this same car costs 15000 euros.

Base car comes in white only. To get a choice you have buy a mid spec car at £600 extra + £470 for paint. £1070 for a colour is too much, they should at least offer one other colour on the basic car for those who don't need gizmos.