Dacia Sandero from £5,995

17 Oct, 2012 12:30am Richard Ingram

The Dacia Sandero will become the UK's cheapest new car when order books open this month

Dacia has announced that its all-new Sandero supermini will start from just £5,995 when order books open on 22 October, making it the UK’s cheapest new car.

Entry-level Access cars come with 15-inch steel wheels, split-fold rear seats and daytime running lights. Power steering is also fitted as standard but buyers will have to pay extra for a stereo.

Upgrade to mid-spec Ambience for £6,595 and you’ll get a stereo with CD, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as electric front windows, remote central locking, body coloured bumpers and 15-inch ‘Colorado’ wheel trims.

Sitting at the top of the range is the flagship Laureate, which Dacia predicts will account for two thirds of all Sandero sales. This version starts from £7,995 and adds air-con, electric heated door mirrors, cruise control and electric rear windows.

Optional extras includes a seven-inch touchscreen sat-nav for £250. Leather upholstery, metallic paint and alloy wheels is also optional, while the Protection Pack adds an alarm, boot liner and rear parking sensors for £395.

One area Dacia doesn’t skimp on is safety. All Sanderos will come as standard with ESC, ABS, brake assist, traction control and a pair of ISOFIX points, as well as driver, passager and side airbags.

Practicality is impressive, too, as the Sandero has a 320-litre boot - 25 litres more than a Ford Fiesta and 35 litres more than a Vauxhall Corsa. Fold the seats flat and the load area expands to 1,200 litres.

Engine choices include Renault's three-cylinder 0.9-litre petrol engine with 89bhp, and the 1.5-litre dCi, which in the Sandero is capable of returning 74.3mpg and 99g/km of CO2.

Every Dacia Sandero comes with a three-year, 60,000-mile warranty as standard, but buyers will be able to extend this to five-years/60,000 miles and seven-years/100,000 miles for £395 and £850 respectively.

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"One area Dacia doesn’t skimp on is safety". I guess Euroncap would strongly disagree with that statement. 3/5 stars aldult protection rating is not good. "having airbags" isn't sufficient.

While I agree with you , do you think this issue is going to make a big dent in their sales?

Probably not. I'm just pointing out that this article is paraphrasing marketing material. Safety is poor for a brand new car - I'm sure prospective buyers will not be bothered by such a statement and will not prefer a similarly priced used car that offers much superior safety.

3 stars is for the old Sandero. This one has ESP as standard and more airbags which should get at least one more star.

Damn, my bad. Confusing use of the same name from generation to generation.

Don't Dacia's use last generation Renault platforms and tech? If so then they will be well up to current safety standards.
For the last 10 to 15 years Renault has made some of the most class leading cars in safety, a eurocap 3 star these days means it isn't fitted with anti-this and anti-that, i.e. not general common sense safety.
What should be applauded is finally we have a manufacturer being launched in the UK with a bit of honesty, no BS, and no ridiculous aspirational marketing nonsense. It is a car, and it works well, and it is not going to make you look hot when you really are not.

Having seen lots of these in France i can tell you the brand is not bad. Well made, rugged, and reliable. Just the car for these straitened times. The Duster when you get it in the UK is all the 4x4 you will need. Unless of course you are a badge snob aka BMW

The origin of the Dacia's platform is Nissan.

Yeah, the very same, from the Renault Clio III, Modus and the previous version of the Nissan Micra no?!

Touch Screen SatNav for £250-00!!
Shows how ripped off we are being by other manufacturers........
I just got a new Yeti and whilst it's a very impressive car (think Audi quality of 3-4 years ago), it was still a lump of money compared to these amazing value for money Dacias!! Extended warranty options on the Dacia are very appealing.

From what I know it uses the modified platform of an Logan/Sandero (first generation). Not a Clio III. This is the reason for it's very low weight and far from perfect safety. But as a previous Logan owner, I can tell you that it does the job and is reliable. In Bucharest most taxis are Logan and many have more than 200 000 km. The second generation should be even better with brand new Renault engines.

I do not know exactly the degree of the "same" because the Dacia's platform is a modified one. Hoping the people from UK will like Dacia.

3/5 stars now means the safety score of a BMW car, some years ago. And a BMW car was considered a very safe car some years ago, too.

The SatNav of Dacia is a Samsung product: Samsung automotives is a part of the Renault Group too (the Renault Fluence car, as exemple, is mainly a Samsung car). This level of price for the navigation system was possible ten years ago too, but nobody from the automotive world was interested.

Auto Express. Why do you always review and photograph the top spec one? Whilst that's cheap it is moving towards more standard supermini pricing. The interesting Sandero is the 1.2 Access. I'd like to see what you get for £5995. Any chance of a review and some pictures of the one that people might buy?

For £5995 you get one body colour - white only, unpainted bumpers, keep-fit windows and not much else.In other words, it looks cheap and nasty and will depreciate like a stone. Oh yes, they will sell great for a couple or 3 years, but then come trade-in time, they will be worthless -just like Proton owners found out, and now their sales have gone from 20,000 a year at first to less than 500 a year here now.....(And no, I am not a badge snob). Datch-a (as it is properly pronounced) is basically the Proton of the 21st Century.

Yes, but your Yeti is a true quality car, and will hold at least 75% of its value after 1 year, and will not depreciate like a stone or suffer from premature wear and tear like these Dacias. They may seem a bargain price-wise, but for UK conditions and expectations, the novelty will soon wear off.

The base spec one at £5995 looks cheap at first glance, however for that price you can only have white and you get very basic spec plus black bumpers/mirrors and door handles etc. I think you would have to be crazy to buy one of these! How much is it going to be worth after 3 years? not much i'm guessing.

That's what I was under the impression of, it's the x90 platform and it underpins way more cars then I first thought (if wikipedia is to be belived!)

It's not pretty but good value I suppose.

If it's cheaper than a Peugeot 107 then does that mean it'll have cheaper insurance? The Laureate version is the same price as a 3 door entry level Access 107!

Might not be much of looker (What is these days), but Dacia are winning a lot of awards for its cars reliability in Europe, so l can only see it doing well.

Dacia Duster £8,995 with its bombproof reliability is already stealing a lot of sales in Europe, it even outsells the £21,900 Ford Kuga 2:1 ratio at the moment.

Renault look like they have a sales winner as it pushes it's pushes its Dacia brand out across austerity hit Europe, very good, reliable A-B transport at exceptional value never goes out of fashion, if you can live without the snob badges on your grille that cost a lot more.

The SatNav on the Dacia is not made by Samsung and they would not thank you for saying so as it is made by their biggest competitor LG and it says so on the screen when you switch the ignition on and I do not believe that Samsung Automotives is anything to do with Renault.

Sorry correction Renault do own 70%+ of Samsung Automotive, I got confused because I read that Samsung wanted their name removed from the cars as they don't wish to be associated with car production, but the majority of the cars are Nissan based.

actually:Dacia has actually 4 STARS for ADULT PROTECTION

and 5 STARS for CHILD PROTECTION. however the overall score is 3 stars is because

1 has no audible seatbelt reminder (for idiots)

2 and the Entry level car has no ESP