Can you guess our mystery car?

28 Nov, 2012 4:58pm

We disguise a brand-new supermini and see if the public can guess what it is, and how much it costs...

There's a brand new supermini in town, and its maker has high hopes that it will shake up the UK market. So, to see what Britain’s motorists think of it, we took it to the Heart of Walton shopping centre in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, covered up all its badges and asked people to guess what brand of car it is and how much it costs.

Can you guess what it is? Here’s a hint: the car has a 75bhp 1.2-litre petrol engine and claims 47.9mpg economy and 137g/km emissions. Its basic spec list offers little more than ABS, brake assist, electronic stability control, airbags and daytime running lights.

If you’re not sure, don’t worry – most of the people we interviewed were at a loss, too, and they got to climb in and nose around it, Watch the video to see their guesses, and read the full feature in this week's issue of Auto Express (out 25 November 2012).

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Volkswagen will be crying right now...

How many people can you fit in a DACIA SANDERO?

Kindof gave it away on here with the related keywords didn't you AE? But yes I knew it was the Sandero right away!

The only issue with this video is that the Laureate spec car is being used for the "test" but the poverty spec entry level price is referred to. The £5995 Access spec is not a car I imagine too many Brits going for. Nice marketing trick though.

I doubt that very much..

Access spec : black mirrors, bumpers and handles. No electric windows at all. No stereo at all. No air con. This is really basic motoring 60s style... but without the ummm style.

Shake up the UK market. With a 1* ncap rating I doubt that very much...

"Is it a Volkswagen?"... And when you can buy a bigger, better looking, better named, better equipped top spec Sandero for the some price as the up! they should be worried...

Crash safety is indeed the problem with this car. I would have real concerns buying this car when it only scored 1 star in Brazilian Crash tests as the Renault Sandero.

That was the old model, this one has not been tested yet and should score higher

It is probably that this version will obtain 3*; it will automatically loose 1* because it does not have ESP in series.

The statistics of the first opinions and of the first pre-orders are clearly: 16% from the Brits want the basic version and about 2/3 want the top version. Just the basic version permits to the people without so much money to have a new (and not bad!) car.

Indeed, this is borderline dishonest.

Ban it from landing on our shores now. Cars like this will depreciate current used cars in the 6k valuation bracket by up to £2000.

This looks like a Renault Megane

The Heart shopping centre is my wife's favourite hang out on a Saturday afternoon.

Most folk drive BMW's & Mercedes in and around the Surrey stockbroker belt, most of the folk don't know what a Ford is in Walton on Thames.

Dacia just won just won Scottish car of the year 2012 last month, the thrifty Jocks know a real bargain when they see it.

Got my eye on the Silver Duster just up road at Renault dealer at SMC/Shell garage in Weybridge.

as far as i know ESP is standard on all trim levels.

Could be another bland offering from VW for 13 grand +
Thank God its not!

But the up! will be worth a shedload more than the dacia after 3 years.And it looks way more upmarket than this thing. The Sandero looks like a 90's daewoo.

The new Honda Merci or whatever they call it.

Honda Brio Amaze

Yes, that's correct. This case, Dacia will not automatically loose 1*.

How much did Dacia pay for this?

Dacia. Visit Romania quite often and the countries taxi's are mostly these. Not driven one but in local trim its well finished, comfortable seats, solidly put together and although not plush, it seems excellent. Much like I would expect a 2012 Morris Minor 1000 to be like. Hugely successful all over Europe it will soon be a common sight on UK roads I am convinced of that.

Check the link or ther comments. Doh

To all snobs: Watch Dacia grow its UK marketsshare to 1,5% in 2 years. In the mean time: Keep rubbing your (French built) soft-touch Audidash.
To all unbiased car adepts: It's likely the Sandero II will easily achieve a 4 star NCAP rating. It's terrific value for money.

But a lot of people in this economic position only have the luxury of being able to choose the initial starting price of their car than the car with the lowest depreciation.

As for the design, it's obviously very subjective. But you couldn't call this cars appearance as offensive! Plus, as a direct comparison with the VW I think it wins hands down against the noddy car (I actually liked them until I saw a few on the roads).

How can he say that it costs £5995 when the one he's showing them doesn't. What a pointless exercise. The first girl said £8500 - spot on! Then he said "How about if I told you you can get this car for £5995". What?? - no you can't - you can only get the basic one with no doors for that! Do this again with the cheap one but don't insult our intelligence with this.

If you’re not sure, don’t worry – most of the people we interviewed were at a loss, too

It's not a surprise when you showed them an £8500 car and told them it cost £5995.

What b*ll*cks.

I know what you mean but the mind boggles at the thought of a 2012 Minor 1000!

Dacia is a good car. Is solid, reliable and easy to maintain. In Bucharest, most of taxi drivers use a Dacia, and i see often cars with 400.000 kilometers

Open market my *** !!!

its a dacia! it would help the long guessing game if they didn't advertise the actual car on this page with a 5 year warranty! lol

No doors?? Think you are confusing this with a Twizy!! you can get a 5dr Dacia Sandero for £5995...... This is a 5dr Dacia Sandero.....

The game changer?
The other day I saw a left-hand drive Duster in white. It did not look too bad. And the car's 4-star rating by many reviewers makes sense if you bring a 4WD and its lowly price in the equation.
Sandero looks a bit like the previous generation Polo. Renault is putting a lot of trust in Sandero's success in letting Dacia use its latest 0.9L TCE unit.

The car will struggle to break through the badge snobbery, gadget obsession, car park envy, cant see beyond the end of my prejudice, that riddles the UK market. But it will be very popular with everyone with more than an ounce of sense.

ATTENTION! for all the snobs:

Dacia has actually 4 STARS for ADULT PROTECTION

and 5 STARS for CHILD PROTECTION. however the overall score is 3 stars is because

1 has no audible seatbelt reminder (for idiots)

2 and the Entry level car has no ESP


Hmm, the old adage of "look, everyone else is out of step" comes to mind !
I suggest that perhaps you should view the video again. It seemed to me as though the sample selection of the general public who were asked for their views on the Sandero seemed to al have one thing in common, i.e. they ALL thought it was a decent car and was marvellous value for money. If I recall correctly not one of the people featured said they did not like the appearance or finish of the car. Incidently Dacia came only second to Audi in the number of vehicles sold in Germany last year, but hey, what do the Germans know about motor vehicles
Only enough for Mercedes to fit the same diesel engine in their A Class !