Dacia Sandero review

7 Dec, 2012 10:35am

Watch our video review of Britain's cheapest new car, the Dacia Sandero supermini

The Dacia Sandero is Britain’s cheapest new car, and we’ve been to the launch to see whether or not it should worry the facelifted Ford Fiesta.

The range starts at just £5,995 for an entry-level Access car, but this makes do without metallic paint or even a stereo. You’ll need to upgrade to the mid-spec model to get kit like electric windows and a radio, while flagship cars get air-con and optional integrated sat-nav.

There’s also a choice of three engines from launch, two petrol and one diesel. The highlight of the range is the turbocharged 900cc three-cylinder engine, which feels punchy but manages great economy, with an impressive 54.3mpg and 116g/km of CO2.

So check out our video and read our review for our definitive verdict on Britain’s cheapest car.

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It's pronounced Datcha not Dassia. It's easy. Datcha.

When the brand launched in the UK the first time around in the 80's it was pronounced Day-see-a, so why the change? What's in a name anyway, it's basically a Renault made in Romania. Regardless it is a reasonable looking car that will prove popular I think with those on a budget but who still want a 13 plate car in the spring. Do we really need air con in this country for the two or three really hot days we might get? And do we really need electric windows - I have them only on the front in my Vectra, but it would be no hardship to wind them up and down the old fashioned way and it saves the weight of four motors in the car doors. Less weight = better economy. And no stereo is no problem. I'd rather have no stereo and choose a decent after market set myself than get a cheap and nasty basic stereo - I even had to upgrade the one in my Vectra to get a CD mulitchanger that sounded good, so if it makes the basic car cheaper that's a good thing. Personally I'd go one step further and bin the alloys for some steelies - less risk of kerb damage. I've never owned a brand new car of course, always buying after someone lese has taken the depreciation hit, but if Dacia remain competitively priced and don't depreciate faster than yesterdays newspaper I would seriously consider one new as a retirement present to myself. And there is the key market I would suggest - older folk who aren't bothered about SatNav, power steering and brand image will lap these up the same as they used to buy Ladas and Yugos, because they are cheap as chips, basic and easy to run. Well done Dacia/Renault for sticking one over on the brand snobs.

Please don't limit air con,s use to our brief summer, when, yes, it keeps occupants more comfortable and less sweaty, it also makes the driver safer, too for these reasons. In cooler times, including freezing winter, air con helps remove condensation from inside window surfaces much more quickly than normal and helps keep them clear on your journey, thus maintaining visibility and improving safety. Surely it,s not safe to have an overheated, uncomfortable driver or one who can,t see through the windows.

Why can't we ever see a review of anything but the top spec car? It's supposed to be a budget car - let's see what the budget version is like. Who's going to want leather upholstery in one of these??

The other day reading the reviews of VW Golf, I thought the exact same thing. Some test drove the 2L 148bhp diesel in GT trim and gave the car an inevitable 5 stars. Others tested 1.4 TSI with 140bhp in top spec and found it willing and smooth. Of course. But how many will buy these at almost £25k? How about testing the 1.2L 85bhp in the base trim? That's the one that's gonna sell in numbers.
On another note: Jack says "highlight of the (Dacia Sandero) range is the turbocharged 900cc three-cylinder engine." That's the one I would buy. I'm fairly surprised Renault let its budget arm Dacia use this brand new engine. That shows the French marque is putting a lot of trust in the success of this car.

James may was crazy about the this car and the company it's self now it has arrived he might by it or he might buy the suv dacid duster