Ford EcoSport revealed

5 Mar, 2013 11:41am

Ford has showcased the European version of its EcoSport SUV at the Geneva Motor Show

Ford has revealed the new European-spec EcoSport SUV at the Geneva Motor Show, following its debut at a Spanish mobile technology show last week.

The Fiesta-based SUV is currently on sale in developing markets like Brazil and India, but the brand chose the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Spain, to reveal the Euro-spec model – and showcase its SYNC voice-activated in-car connectivity system.

The EcoSport will be one of the first Fords on sale in Europe to offer SYNC AppLink, which enables voice control of smartphone apps. It will also have SYNC emergency assistance, which connects to local emergency services.

Engine options include a 1.0-litre three-cylinder EcoBoost and a 1.5-litre diesel. Prices should start at £14,000 when it hits UK showrooms early next year.

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Far from attractive. Not sure what's going on at Fords design department these days.

Oh my god! It's hideous. I think the Rodeus has got competition

Much car design is fashion-led, and the Ford EcoSport seems to be a classic example of me-too thinking.

At best, a dreary so what, and with a sludge-brown paint scheme that does it no favours, either.

All of these SUVs are 'me-too'.

I'm sick to the back teeth of them, and despise the back that for the most part, the D and E segment have been sacrificed to make room for them.

More fashion, less practicality appears to be the new Ford Design motto. Another hideous little 4x4 wannabe ready to make it's début on UK roads. Enough already!

This is a good example of why "Bring your child to work day" should be stopped.

Ford dont need to reinvent the wheel...just bring the US Explorer to Europe!

It's like they've sliced the body horizontally and inserted a 6-inch high section of bodywork in the gap, with a great big gurning grille on the front.

Jesus,mary and joseph what are Ford thinking of these days. They jump on any band wagon that they think will make a few quid and then come out with this load of sh*t. It will date so fast that it will be having it's mid life make over in 6 months time.

well could be worse... too much in the middle but still better to me than the X1 and X3's bland styling.

Me thinks it will be more than £14,000! (list price anyway). Doesn't look very aerodynamic either.

Jeeze, what a hideous vehicle. The whole team of Ford stylists needs shooting for all their recent efforts. Ford have really lost it. Is this the same company that gave us the Mk 1 Mondeo, Mk 1 Focus and Mk 1 Ka. All replaced by infinitely inferior designs.

In the 70s you aspired to own a Ford.

Now you buy one like a tin of beans.

I've had to have a quick look at the calendar....I was convinced it was April 1st!!

Fords are just getting worse year on year...this trumps the Rexton for to love the Americans

If It's Not AWD Then It's Not Worth Buying. Thank You.