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Aston Martin Vanquish (2014-2018) review - Practicality, comfort and boot space

The 2+2 Vanquish has more space for people and luggage – as befits a ‘Super GT’

Compared to some supercars, the Vanquish is actually fairly practical - as long as you pack light. Aston Martin calls it a ‘Super GT’, and compared to the old DBS there’s definitely more room for passengers. The dashboard has been moved forward by 20mm compared with the DBS, the pedals have been shifted forward too, and the front seats moved back. The result is improved leg, shoulder and headroom.

Cosseted in such an opulent interior and with a decently supple chassis, a Vanquish driver and his passenger will be comfortable for hours.

The new infotainment system gives the Vanquish extra practicality points too, as it’s much clearer and easier to use than the old Aston Martin system.


The Vanquish coupe measures 4,728mm end-to-end, but it’s also 1,912mm wide, which can make things interesting in narrow city streets or tight country lanes.

The Mercedes SL is more compact at 4,631mm x 1,871mm, but the (four-seat) Ferrari FF takes up even more room on the road at 4,907mm x 1,953mm.

Leg room, head room & passenger space

The Vanquish is described as a 2+2, but if you want to be more comfortable the cramped rear seats can be removed at no extra cost. This creates an additional storage area and we reckon most buyers are likely to choose this option as the back seats really are only suitable for very small children, and even they wouldn’t be on a longer journey. You can of course put small bags and shopping on the back seats if they’re left in situ, but you don’t get as much room that way. 


The Vanquish coupe claims a 368-litre boot – that’s 60 per cent more than the DBS – and that’s quite an impressive number for a GT, and apparently enough for two sets of golf clubs. In comparison the Mercedes SL provides a whopping 504-litres, although that reduces to 364 if you drop the roof. The Vanquish Volante convertible has 279-litres – roof up or down.

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