Visit Three new Proton cars heading to the UK in 2014
Proton Suprima S

Three new Proton cars heading to the UK in 2014

Proton Suprima S, Exora Bold MPV and Preve saloon heading to UK in 2014
27 Nov 2013
Visit Proton Satria Neo (2007-2013) review
Proton Satria Neo hatchback front tracking
Proton Satria Neo

Proton Satria Neo (2007-2013) review

The Proton Satria Neo is an alternative choice in the supermini market, and sells on its budget price and individual looks
10 Jun 2012
Visit Proton Gen-2 (2007-2013) review
Proton Gen-2 hatchback front tracking
Proton Gen-2

Proton Gen-2 (2007-2013) review

The Proton Gen-2 is a dated budget family car rival to the Vauxhall Astra, and comes as a five-door hatchback or four-door saloon
10 Jun 2012
Visit Proton Savvy (2005-2013) review
Proton Savvy hatchback front tracking
Proton Savvy

Proton Savvy (2005-2013) review

The Proton Savvy is well equipped and roomy, although the gearbox is dreadful and the interior quality poor, too
5 May 2012
Visit Proton Satria Neo R3
Proton front
Proton Satria Neo Hatchback

Proton Satria Neo R3

We get the chance to put the hot Proton of tomorrow through its paces.
19 Mar 2008
Visit Proton Gen2 GSX
Proton Gen-2 Hatchback

Proton Gen2 GSX

Next to well priced, capable rivals, the Proton Gen2 has little to recommend it
10 Jul 2007
Visit Superminis
Proton Satria Neo Hatchback


We compare Proton's new Satria Neo with rivals from Suzuki, Hyundai and Ford in its first test...
14 Mar 2007

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Visit Proton Impian 1.6 GSX
Proton Impian
Proton Impian Saloon

Proton Impian 1.6 GSX

Whilst the Proton isn't technically a bad car, it does look and feel dated
20 Feb 2007
Visit Proton Impian
Proton Impian
Proton Impian Saloon

Proton Impian

29 Dec 2006
Visit Proton Savvy Style
Proton Savvy Hatchback

Proton Savvy Style

Adding a city car to its limited line-up certainly sounds like a good move for Proton, but how smart is the all-new Savvy?
8 Feb 2006