Driverless cars: everything you need to know about self-driving vehicles

Volvo driverless cars
12 May, 2014 4:35pm Jonathan Burn

Autonomous and driverless cars are now being driven on the road - here's all you need to know about them

Navia driverless car

The Navia driverless car is actually the world's first commercially available driverless car, and surprisingly, it doesn't come from a prestigious, well known manufacturer. In fact, it's the product of a small tech company called Induct Technology. It's an electric car (or shuttle, for want of a better word) that draws power from induction loops underneath the car and embedded in a road's surface. For now, it can't be used on public roads due to legal restrictions, but definitely keep an eye out.

Toyota autonomous driving systems

Toyota's autonomous tech will be available on production cars as early as 2015. Lane Trace Control will use a forward-facing camera behind the rear view mirror to trace the lane markings on a road. The Lexus IS test car was actually able to automatically steer, hands-free, round a 50 meter radius curve at speeds of up to 40mph. With Co-operative Adaptive Cruise control, on the other hand, cars communicate with one another using a radio frequency to maintain a safe distance between leading and following vehicles.


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