Citroen C-line range expands 'with a hint of Ikea'

Citroen Cactus front
26 Sep, 2013 9:26am Steve Fowler

Simple, more affordable range could include C3 Cactus

The Citroen DS and C-line models will become more distinct in the future as the C-line finds its own level as a more affordable brand.

According to Citroen’s Head of C-line product, Pierre Monferrini, the brand will focus on style, simplicity and value, “like Ikea for cars.” He also said that C-line models could well be cheaper than the models they replace.

The Cactus concept from the Frankfurt motor show points the way to future C-line models and Monferrini confirmed that the car will be shown at the Geneva motor show as a production model badged C4 Cactus. It’ll get windows and proper doors, while other features from the concept such as the Airbump protective panels on the sides of the car, the floating C-pillar and the bench-style front seat will remain.

The Cactus will feature in a C4 range that includes hatch and saloon models, plus the Aircross SUV and C4 Picasso MPV models – an indicator of the way other C-line ranges will expand.

Monferrini hinted that Citroen is looking at a supermini-SUV based on the C3 to rival the likes of the Peugeot 2008 and Renault Captur. And it’s possible that it, too, could wear a Cactus badge: “We could have a ‘cross hatch’ in the range – why not?” he told Auto Express.

The new C1 city car, already spied testing and due on sale next year, is too soon to feature any Cactus elements. However, the C5 will be replaced taking the new philosophy into account.

Monferrini confirmed that there won’t be a replacement for the C6, while the C-line will focus on small-engines and efficiency: “We won’t go bigger than the C5 – a C6 replacement is the job of the DS –line,” he told us, “If you want a big-engined car you’ll have to buy something other than a C-line model.”