Ford shows off new Ranger pick-up

14 Oct, 2010 6:38pm Tom Phillips

Australian debut for all-new Ranger which is latest car built to One Ford philosophy.

Meet the new, global Ford Ranger, which was revealed at the Australian Motor Show in Sydney today. Set to be sold in no fewer than 180 markets – with North America being the notable exception – the new Ranger will be available in three different cab body styles, 4x2 and 4x4 drivetrains, two ride heights and four equipment levels when it goes on sale here in 2012.

Despite not being sold in North America, the new Ranger packs plenty of design cues borrowed from US market models, most notably the bold, three-bar grille which features on the firm’s Flex crossover.

Designers call its new look "21st Century Tough", and while the Ranger has been given a bold look and plenty of attitude, drag has been minimized to improve fuel efficiency.

Engine choices include a new, Dagenham-built 2.2-litre four-cylinder diesel which produces 148bhp and 375Nm, and a new 3.2-litre oil burner which produces 197bhp and 470Nm. Models equipped with four-wheel drive get low-ratio transfer gearboxes for more off-road ability.

The new Ranger is larger than before, liberating extra cabin and load space, while the firm claims the new front and rear suspension design, stiffer chassis and improved brakes make the Ranger its most car-like pick-up to drive.

New technology features include Adaptive Load Control, which adjusts the suspension so that the car remains straight and level no matter what the load; Trailer Sway Control, which uses the brakes selectively to reduce the side to side movement of a trailer, and a rearview camera system to make reversing easy.

The new Ranger will be manufactured at three sites from next summer, beginning with Rayong in Thailand, then expanding to plants in Argentina and South Africa.

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Where are the plastic flared wheel arches ( fender flares )? These vehicles get a hell of a beating down here in NZ, plastic protectors are easy and ( relatively ) cheap to replace. Steel body panels aren't ! This is the XLT ( top of the range ) spec, it's gone a bit too Boulevard for me.

hope there will be a alloy tray option

Why so BIG?!? That's what the F-series trucks are for. Ford lacks a good small pickup that gets decent MPG. I'm done with status symbols w/ luxury interiors. I need a small WORK truck. I'm a Ford guy, but I have no use for this monster.

That's good, because it's not to be sold directly inthe US. Its for foreign markets I assume without the f class

They market the F100 in those markets... I'm actually looking to purchase a Ranger when I relocate to Uruguay for my retirement...

It's not going to be sold in the US because it has a diesel engine. Even though #2 diesel is easier to make than gas (therefore it should be amazingly cheaper than gas) has more power per gallon, and sold world wide,, it's exhaust is too dirty looking for some to accept. Tho many are heating their homes with it (#2 fuel oil, same stuff)

It looks like a Ford Focus and a Toyota Tacoma smushed together.

My question is, why not sell them in North America? Apparently it has been a great seller here for years, you see them every where you go. The Ranger has been my last three vehicles. They are die hard trucks, i gave my son my old one a '95, it has 300k miles and still going strong.

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