Lewis Hamilton drives the Mercedes CLA

24 Jan, 2013 5:57pm Richard Ingram

Lewis Hamilton visits company HQ to drive the new Mercedes CLA and discuss the upcoming F1 season

The Mercedes CLA made its debut at the Detroit Motor Show this month, and goes on sale in the UK in March.

Funnily enough, the opening of order books will coincide with Lewis Hamilton’s debut as a Mercedes F1 driver at the forthcoming Australian Grand Prix. So to mark the occasion, the German carmaker has brought together car and driver to discuss the season ahead.

Hamilton moves to Mercedes next season, from a six-year spell at McLaren and after a three-year stint alongside team mate, Jenson Button.

The car he’s seen driving in this video is the all-new Mercedes CLA. Based on the updated A-Class, it has been named the most aerodynamic car ever built – with a drag coefficient of just 0.22. This means despite its stylish exterior, the slippery profile cuts through the air more cleanly than a Toyota Prius.

So check out the interview with Lewis, ahead of the first race of the season in Melbourne on 17 March.

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Good job Lewis, you should do this more often.
Build up your journalism skills when you're not on the track. You served Maclaren well, but im glad you've moved on to Mercedes - we're behind you all the way, bruv.

Hope he has his hands on the wheel on the track -it is probably a good idea in day to day driving, too.

Pointless. Hardly said anything about the car - might as well have been riding an elephant…..