Porsche Cayenne coupe is on the way

13 Jun, 2014 4:10pm Jack Rix

Porsche Cayenne coupe will rival the BMW X6 and could arrive as early as 2015

The fact that BMW sold 250,000 of the first-generation X6 hasn’t gone unnoticed by its rivals. Mercedes will launch the MLC later this year, and now there's a new BMW X6. Not to be left behind, a Porsche insider has revealed that a sportier Cayenne is on the way, too.

Although an all-new Porsche Cayenne is due in 2017 – based on the same platform as the Bentley SUV and new Audi Q7 – this coupé version could arrive next year, as part of the facelifted range.

Our exclusive image, drawn using inside information, shows how it will blend the Cayenne's robust nose with a 911-style sloping roof. Plus, the Cayenne's suspension and steering will be tuned for even sharper responses, while wider front and rear tracks and a lower ride height will boost lateral grip and drop the centre of gravity.

Engine choices are set to mirror those found in the standard Porsche Cayenne, with V6 petrol and diesel turbos, plus V8 petrols in the S and Turbo. The plunging roofline will mean rear space for just two adults and a tighter boot, but the new car will cost a bit more than the equivalent Cayenne.

The newcomer will take the Porsche SUV tally to three, with the recent launch of the Audi Q5-based Macan. An even sportier coupe version of the Macan is believed not to be part of the product plan at this time.

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Just a small correction; this isn't a coupe (far from it) but a fastback.

really poor looking.

Good to see Autoexpress giving credit where it is due. BMW X6 - like it or leave it - is the car that is the father - legitimate or otherwise - of this coupe/SUV from Porsche.

And Porsche won't be the only one borrowing this idea from the BMW. A Mercedes coupe/SUV is on the way. Who else will be joining the bandwagon is anybody's guess?

Agreed. Just wait for JLR to jump on the bandwagon with its rival for the X6 and watch the double standards of those who've been slagging off the X6 from day one, suddenly change their tunes and heap praise on the JLR version.

That does depend on whether JLR manage to make one that looks good to most people. If people subjectively see it as poorly styled then they say so,

There are no double standards, it either looks to a persons taste or it doesn't.

The double standard that I was talking about wasn't so much about the styling of the vehicle but the whole purpose of it.

There has been a ridiculous level of vitriol directed at the X6 with the critics going on about the car being totally pointless, a niche too far and BMW bringing out any car to make more money (as if BMW is a charity, as opposed to a commercial company), etc.

That's What I was talking about. So let's see if this kind of flack is thrown at other manufacturers, especially JLR, if and when they put their X6 rival on the market.

Jaguar can't afford to develop niche range gap fillers. So they won't.

The X6 is a poor seller in some countries and sells well in others. It is fairly pointless for the UK market and this is reflected in sales.

No rocket science here. I've only seen this point being made and certainly no vitriol. I believe you are exaggerating.

not only that I got into an x6 it is cramped in the back, very expensive and not that much faster than an x5. Never driven a cayenne so cant tell you anything about that. Why buy an x6 over an x5 I would spend a little more money to buy a Range Rover. Ppl with more money than sense.