Toyota Prius recall: 30,790 affected

BMW i3 vs rivals Toyota Prius
Credits: Otis Clay
12 Feb, 2014 10:20am Jonathan Burn

Faulty hybrid system affects over 30,000 third-gen Toyota Prius models

Toyota has announced 30,790 UK-registered models of the current third-generation Prius have been recalled. The issue surrounds a problem with the hybrid system’s boost converter software. The recall is worldwide but only 11 cases of faulty UK models have been reported.

Previous Toyota recall: no UK cars affected

The Japanese manufacturer identified the problem through its stringent quality reporting programme. The faulty software is used to control the boost converter in the Intelligent Power Module, which is needed when driving under hard acceleration.

Last year 5,000 Toyota Priuses were affected

Toyota claims the problem could cause ‘higher thermal stress occurring in certain insulated-gate bipolar transistors in the boost converter’. This could lead to the transistors becoming damaged or even deformed. A warning light on the dashboard may be illuminated, indicating the problem and the car could switch to a ‘failsafe’ reduced power mode but can still be driven.

Owners of the third-gen Prius will be contacted by Toyota in the coming weeks. All affected vehicles are being recalled in order to have their control software updated, which will take around 40 minutes but will be completed free of charge. Toyota also confirmed no other hybrid vehicles in its range have been affected by the faulty hybrid system.