Best city cars 2016

11 Jan, 2016 2:30pm

Low running costs, smart looks and practical interiors at affordable prices – these are the 10 best city cars on sale

Buying a small car doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or equipment, as the current crop of city cars offer relatively roomy interiors mixed with agile handling and decent kit. Better still, they should all be cheap to run, insure and buy.

City cars are now more mature than ever, with decent refinement that means these primarily urban runabouts aren’t out of place cruising along a motorway. It adds extra versatility, and with efficient downsized engines it also makes these cars economical and fun to drive.

Best small cars

The best city cars in the business combine these factors in a slick package and add a dose of individual style, meaning if you’re downsizing from a family hatch or looking for a first car, a city car can cater for your needs. 

With lots of big car tech on offer in a compact package that’s easy to manoeuvre in and out of traffic, city cars are easy to drive. They can also be easy to live with, as manufacturers have realised buyers want to keep costs down but without giving up the flexibility offered by a larger supermini or family hatch.

• Cheapest cars to insure

Some of the best city cars offer boot space on a par with superminis from the class above, while the biggest vehicles can take four adults comfortably.

As brands compete for buyers the best thing for potential customers is that these attractive features all come at appealingly low prices, while there are always some great deals to be had on new city cars if you shop around. 

More and more manufacturers are adding extra customisation options to their ranges too, so style conscious buyers can customise their vehicles to give an individual look.

We’ve picked out the 10 best city cars currently on the market so click the links on the left or below to find out which one suits you.

Best City Cars 2016