Best city cars 2016

6 Jul, 2016 12:15pm

Want to know which brands offer the best small city cars? Here’s our guide…

The best small city cars needn’t be the best economy cars or even the most affordable cars to buy or run. But let’s face it, at this end of the market it’s going to help!

That’s not to say you should forget about the fun factor though, because there’s no reason why even the best value city car shouldn’t be able to put a smile on your face. So this round-up includes the compact cars and urban runabouts that we think combine all the best attributes of a truly vibrant sector – we’ve got the most economical city cars, the funkiest and most fashionable, and of course the best to drive.

Best small cars

A quick scan through our pick of the best small city cars proves there’s no need to skimp on build quality or specification. Advances in design and vehicle packaging also mean the best city cars are more spacious and practical than ever. Similarly, improvements in engineering, refinement and ride quality mean many can make light work of those longer city-to-city trips or forays into the countryside.

With plenty of bigger car tech now drip-feeding into the city car sector, and a compact package that’s easy to manoeuvre in and out of traffic, city cars are easier to drive than ever. They should also be extremely easy to live with, as the Tardis-like interiors of the cream of the crop mean the best city cars can offer boot space that rivals cars from the next size up. Many can accommodate four adults in reasonable comfort, but they’re perfect for young families too.

• Cheapest cars to insure

The best of the bunch wrap all these features up in a stylish exterior, then provide added opportunities to make an individual statement from an options list stuffed with special trim combinations and accessories.

As brands compete for buyers, the best thing for potential customers is that these attractive features all come at appealingly low prices, while there are always some great deals to be had on new city cars if you shop around. 

We’ve picked out the 10 best city cars currently on the market, so click the links on the left or below to find out which one suits you.

Best City Cars 2016