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Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake
Long-term tests

Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake: First report

3 Apr, 2013

Your name’s not down... Our man doesn’t feel posh enough to be driving the classy new Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake

Ford Focus Estate
Long-term tests

Ford Focus Estate: Third report

2 Apr, 2013

A specialist spring clean takes the winter dirt off our long-term Focus Estate

Renault Twizy header
Long-term tests

Renault Twizy: Final report

27 Mar, 2013

Design professionals cast an eye over our quirky Renault Twizy EV, as we look back on our time with it

SEAT Alhambra header
Long-term tests

SEAT Alhambra: Final report

25 Mar, 2013

Our editor wants to add a dash of style to the SEAT Alhambra

Volvo V40 header
Long-term tests

Volvo V40: Fourth report

20 Mar, 2013

A new arrival means lots of baby kit to push our Volvo V40 hatch’s practicality to the limit

VW Jetta header
Long-term tests

VW Jetta: Fifth report

18 Mar, 2013

The VW Jetta deserves more recognition, says our man after nine months and 8,000 miles

Honda CR-V header
Long-term tests

Honda CR-V: Second report

13 Mar, 2013

Our man gets to know the Honda CR-V well as he criss-crosses the UK

Range Rover Evoque front static
Long-term tests

Range Rover Evoque: Final report

6 Mar, 2013

Our car meets up with an Evoque that’s had some cosmetic surgery

Mercedes B-Class front static
Long-term tests

Mercedes B-Class: Final report

4 Mar, 2013

As our time with the Mercedes B-Class comes to an end, our man asks if its hi-tech gadgets are worth the extra

Kia Cee'd Sportswagon rear staitc
Long-term tests

Kia Cee'd Sportswagon: First report

27 Feb, 2013

A stint as a back seat driver is no chore with the Kia Cee'd Sportswagon