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Long-term tests

Subaru Legacy

2 Mar, 2004

Let the train take the strain? Not likely! Our new Subaru Legacy Outback long-termer is a far more comfortable and reliable way to commute than the railway system as it clocks up 70 miles a day from north Hertfordshire to London and back.

Long-term tests


10 Feb, 2004

I once heard that if Microsoft owner Bill Gates dropped a £50 note on the floor, it wouldn't be worth his time to stop and pick it up.

Long-term tests

Mitsubishi Evo VIII

3 Feb, 2004

A word of warning. Don't buy a Mitsubishi Evo VIII if you're the shy type. If constant stares from excited schoolboys at filling stations is your idea of motoring hell, forget it.

Long-term tests

Chrysler Crossfire

19 Jan, 2004

For a car to go from concept to showroom in just over two years is pretty remarkable. Yet US giant Chrysler managed it with the Crossfire, and has also kept true to the original script of the vehicle displayed at the Detroit Motor Show in 2001.

Long-term tests

Volvo XC90 2004 - long term test

19 Jan, 2004

It's no secret we feel rather strongly about the XC90 here at Auto Express

Long-term tests

Ford Focus

13 Jan, 2004

Confession time. I've never been a fan of MPVs. To my mind, cars should allow you to get away from screaming kids - not force you to sit in an enclosed space with them.

Long-term tests

Skoda Superb

22 Dec, 2003

Have you ever told a joke or a story and then had to repeat it 10 minutes afterwards for a latecomer?

Long-term tests

Volvo V70

1 Dec, 2003

Ahh, moving house. One of life's great pleasures, in my book right up there with unblocking foul-smelling drains and painting acres of skirting board with white gloss. Which is ironic, because I have done all three in the past few weeks...

Long-term tests

Vauxhall VX220 Turbo

25 Nov, 2003

Has any car in Auto Express's history had such a hard first few months as our VX Turbo? When we first wrote about KE03 HKX in issue 767, it had done only 875 miles.

Long-term tests

Hyundai Coupe

18 Nov, 2003

Life is full of risks. From ordering a new dish at your favourite restaurant, to sending your credit card details down the phoneline for an Internet purchase, modern living has made gamblers of us all.