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Long-term tests

Honda Accord Tourer

24 Sep, 2003

There's something therapeutic about cleaning a car; you get a real satisfaction from washing away grime and restoring your motor to pristine condition.

Long-term tests

Leon Cupra R

9 Sep, 2003

This was supposed to be the final long-term test report on our SEAT Leon Cupra R. As we have now had the keys to GJ52 KHB for more than nine months, the manufacturer decided it was high time we gave them back.

Long-term tests

Honda Jazz

2 Sep, 2003

It's always nice when you make the right decision, isn't it? Just over a year ago, Auto Express awarded Honda's Jazz the accolade of Car of the Year.

Long-term tests

Nissan X-trail

27 Aug, 2003

Before Nissan's latest 4x4 came into my life, I have to admit that off-roaders were a mystery to me. Heavy, ugly and usually with agricultural steering, I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about.

Long-term tests

Vauxhall VX220 Turbo

4 Aug, 2003

Funny how small things can cause big hassles. Only four days into our tenure with the Vauxhall VX220 Turbo and we have spotted the first flaw about driving a brilliant yellow roadster in high summer: insects.

Long-term tests

Mazda 2

4 Aug, 2003

Ah, the British summertime. Warm weather, picnics, trips to the country and... a Mazda 2. With its big cabin, low running costs and lively driving experience, our long-term model has been the unlikely star of the fleet in recent months.

Long-term tests

Vauxhall Astra

29 Jul, 2003

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I'm a motoring womble. For years, I have been making good use of the cars others have ditched. I'm an automotive litter picker - and proud of it.

Long-term tests


28 Jul, 2003

If the MINI has achieved one thing during its time with us so far, it's been the near complete conversion of big-car lovers.

Long-term tests

Skoda Superb

15 Jul, 2003

How times have changed. Ten years ago, I would rather have caught the bus than be seen at the wheel of a Skoda - but not these days. Now I'm happy to take the keys to one of the Czech cars, especially our long-term Superb.

Long-term tests

Range Rover

8 Jul, 2003

Caller ID is a wonderful invention. The gadget allows you to see who is phoning before you pick up the receiver, so you can decide whether you would rather the person at the other end of the line talk to an answer-phone instead.