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Long-term tests

Volvo XC90 2004 - long term test

19 Jan, 2004

It's no secret we feel rather strongly about the XC90 here at Auto Express

Long-term tests

Ford Focus

13 Jan, 2004

Confession time. I've never been a fan of MPVs. To my mind, cars should allow you to get away from screaming kids - not force you to sit in an enclosed space with them.

Long-term tests

Skoda Superb

22 Dec, 2003

Have you ever told a joke or a story and then had to repeat it 10 minutes afterwards for a latecomer?

Long-term tests

Volvo V70

1 Dec, 2003

Ahh, moving house. One of life's great pleasures, in my book right up there with unblocking foul-smelling drains and painting acres of skirting board with white gloss. Which is ironic, because I have done all three in the past few weeks...

Long-term tests

Vauxhall VX220 Turbo

25 Nov, 2003

Has any car in Auto Express's history had such a hard first few months as our VX Turbo? When we first wrote about KE03 HKX in issue 767, it had done only 875 miles.

Long-term tests

Hyundai Coupe

18 Nov, 2003

Life is full of risks. From ordering a new dish at your favourite restaurant, to sending your credit card details down the phoneline for an Internet purchase, modern living has made gamblers of us all.

Long-term tests

Mazda 2

18 Nov, 2003

"How should we photograph our long-term Mazda 2?" That was the question I had to consider over the weekend. Should we demonstrate its versatility by loading it full of packing crates ready for my impending house move?

Long-term tests

Mitsubishi Evo VIII

4 Nov, 2003

It's early August, and our brand new Mitsubishi Evo VIII FQ-300 is missing. Where its bright yellow bodywork once sat in the street, there's now a huge gap.

Long-term tests

Audi A4

28 Oct, 2003

It was a perfect summer for drop-top owners. Day after day of cloudless blue skies meant there was no excuse for keeping the roof raised. And so our Audi A4's fully automatic hood mechanism was put to good use.

Long-term tests

Toyota RAV4

21 Oct, 2003

It's hard to believe that the RAV4 has been with us for a year; it seems like only last week it bounced into our car park, full of the joys of... er, autumn. So has it been a rewarding 12 months with GX52EEM? You bet.