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Mazda CX-5 front static
Long-term tests

Mazda CX-5: Fourth report

13 Feb, 2013

Our efficient and fun Mazda CX-5 crossover has proved itself as a practical and versatile family car

Hyundai i30 front static
Long-term tests

Hyundai i30: Fourth report

11 Feb, 2013

Our long-term Hyundai i30 has a dark secret - its poorly lit cabin is irritating our picture editor

Skoda Citigo front static header
Long-term tests

Skoda Citigo: Second report

6 Feb, 2013

We put our new Skoda Citigo to the test on a marathon cross-Europe drive

Peugeot 208 front static header
Long-term tests

Peugeot 208: Second report

4 Feb, 2013

Our Peugeot 208 has been beset by niggles. Can we wash them away?

MINI Roadster front static
Long-term tests

MINI Roadster: Third report

30 Jan, 2013

MINI is a big deal in the States, so we see how the US-spec Roadster compares to our own Cooper S model

Lexus CT200h front static
Long-term tests

Lexus CT 200h: Sixth report

28 Jan, 2013

The seats in our Lexus CT 200h are a great cure for back problems

SEAT Alhambra front static
Long-term tests

SEAT Alhambra: Third report

23 Jan, 2013

Our big SEAT Alhambra MPV is easing sibling rivalry in the back seats

Renault Twizy profile header
Long-term tests

Renault Twizy: Fourth report

21 Jan, 2013

We’ve winterproofed our Twizy, but will the windows prove effective?

Skoda Citigo front static header
Long-term tests

Skoda Citigo: First report

16 Jan, 2013

We travelled to the factory in Slovakia to see our new Skoda Citigo roll off the production line

Ford Focus Estate front static header
Long-term tests

Ford Focus Estate: Second report

14 Jan, 2013

Only a trained ear can detect the three-cylinder engine of our EcoBoost car