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Mazda 5 header
Long-term tests

Mazda 5: Final report

13 Jun, 2012

Seven-seater gets a goodbye spruce-up after a year’s happy family motoring

Suzuki Swift
Long-term tests

Suzuki Swift: Final report

11 Jun, 2012

Supermini has proven easy to live with, and even organising a service is straightforward

Vauxhall Ampera
Long-term tests

Vauxhall Ampera: First report

6 Jun, 2012

Long-awaited range-extending electric car joins fleet. So does it deliver on its promise?

Audi Q3 header
Long-term tests

Audi Q3: Fourth report

4 Jun, 2012

We’re sweeping up the roads to prevent another mishap on our 4x4

Kia Rio header
Long-term tests

Kia Rio: First report

30 May, 2012

Supermini joins our fleet – and it’s already impressing with its refinement and space

Infiniti G37 Convertible
Long-term tests

Infiniti G37 Convertible: Third report

28 May, 2012

Luxury drop-top’s interior is starting to show some worrying signs of wear and tear

Range Rover Evoque header
Long-term tests

Range Rover Evoque: Second report

23 May, 2012

Our editor is still smitten with our Car of the Year. But it could be more efficient…

Honda CR-Z header
Long-term tests

Honda CR-Z: First report

16 May, 2012

Can a petrol-electric coupe be truly sporty? Our senior road tester is about to find out...

Vauxhall Corsa front
Long-term tests

Vauxhall Corsa: Final report

14 May, 2012

Our man tries out some of his cleaning kit to spruce up supermini before it leaves us

Jaguar XF front
Long-term tests

Jaguar XF: Third report

9 May, 2012

Refined diesel executive saloon is now living the executive lifestyle in the hands of our publishing director