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Skoda Citigo front static header
Long-term tests

Skoda Citigo: First report

16 Jan, 2013

We travelled to the factory in Slovakia to see our new Skoda Citigo roll off the production line

Ford Focus Estate front static header
Long-term tests

Ford Focus Estate: Second report

14 Jan, 2013

Only a trained ear can detect the three-cylinder engine of our EcoBoost car

Volvo V40 rear static
Long-term tests

Volvo V40: Third report

9 Jan, 2013

Driving a pristine white Volvo V40 in bad weather leaves our man with a lot of cleaning to do

Mercedes B-Class front static
Long-term tests

Mercedes B-Class: Third report

7 Jan, 2013

Our B-Class continues to impress with its wide range of on-board tech

Honda CR-V front static
Long-term tests

Honda CR-V: First report

31 Dec, 2012

Our staff photographer, Pete Gibson, welcomes the revised Honda CR-V SUV to our fleet

Volkswagen Jetta front static
Long-term tests

VW Jetta: Fourth report

24 Dec, 2012

Our man has been spending hours behind the wheel of the Volkswagen Jetta – and he loves it...

Range Rover Evoque front static
Long-term tests

Range Rover Evoque: Fifth report

17 Dec, 2012

Expensive? Yes. Flawed? Yes. But our man still loves the Evoque

Renault Twizy profile header
Long-term tests

Renault Twizy: Third report

12 Dec, 2012

The Renault Twizy is the coolest car on our fleet – in more ways than one, as our man found out...

Audi A3 front static
Long-term tests

Audi A3: First report

10 Dec, 2012

The Audi A3 is the latest addition to our fleet, and we've already fallen for its impeccable detail

Peugeot 208 front static
Long-term tests

Peugeot 208: First report

5 Dec, 2012

Our man’s having trouble getting hold of the keys to our new long-term Peugeot 208 supermini