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Volkswagen Jetta front static header
Long-term tests

Volkswagen Jetta: Third report

24 Oct, 2012

Family camping trip is an ideal test of our VW Jetta saloon’s practicality

Range Rover Evoque front static
Long-term tests

Range Rover Evoque: Fourth report

22 Oct, 2012

Our 2011 Car of the Year has been transferred - but it's still star of our fleet

Suzuki Swift Sport
Long-term tests

Suzuki Swift Sport: Third report

10 Oct, 2012

Swift Sport feels light and agile – and the handbook confirms it’s a featherweight in its class

Lexus CT 200h at a petrol station
Long-term tests

Lexus CT 200h: Fifth report

8 Oct, 2012

With gentle driving, we’ve achieved up to 76mpg in our CT 200h

Honda CR-Z front static header
Long-term tests

Honda CR-Z: Third report

3 Oct, 2012

Our long-term Honda CR-Z falls short when it comes to the fun factor

MINI Roadster side profile header
Long-term tests

MINI Roadster: First report

1 Oct, 2012

The MINI Roadster has joined our fleet, and the open-top two-seater promises to lift our autumnal gloom

Mercedes B Class front static
Long-term tests

Mercedes B-Class: Second report

26 Sep, 2012

The A-Class is more stylish, but the B-Class hooks us on its practicality

Renault Twizy front tracking
Long-term tests

Renault Twizy: Second report

24 Sep, 2012

Fast A-roads aren’t as scary as you’d expect them to be in our Twizy

Mazda MX-5 racer and Mazda CX-5
Long-term tests

Mazda CX-5: Second report

19 Sep, 2012

We take our CX-5 crossover to Snetterton to meet its racing cousin

Vauxhall Ampera front three-quarter static
Long-term tests

Vauxhall Ampera: Third report

17 Sep, 2012

Our range extender offers a helpline for owners – and we put it to the test