Toyota hybrid sales top 4m

22 May, 2012 2:05pm Damion Smy

Toyota and Lexus have sold more than four million hybrid cars worldwide since 1997

Toyota has sold four million hybrids worldwide since the Prius was introduced in 1997.

According to official figures, Toyota sold 425,000 hybrid carss in the first four months of 2012 – of which 94,000 found homes in the UK. This means that hybrids account for 15 per cent of all Toyotas sold worldwide so far this year.

The Prius makes up the lion’s share of hybrid sales - with more than 2.6million sold - but Toyota now sells 19 hybrid cars in 80 countries, including the British-built Auris Hybrid and Lexus models such as the GS saloon and RX 4x4.

Toyota took almost a decade to record a million hybrid sales, which means three million were sold in the last five years alone.

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Hybrids are NOT all about economy and tree-hugging greenies.

I bought a Lexus CT200h recently and I find it a prestige hatch with the quiet, comfort, beautiful finish, good handling and performance one would expect. Oh yes, and it's economical and comes with a few unique features that I find add interest and pleasure to my driving.

In fact, after 50 years of driving various makes and types of cars, this little Lexus CT is rapidly becoming my all time favourite.