Audi at Worthersee

11 May, 2012 4:55pm Richard Ingram

Audi plans to bring three fast Q3 concepts and an innovative e-bike to the Worthersee show

Audi will display three Q3 concepts at the Worthersee tuning show in Austria next week – including the 355bhp RS Q3 concept, first seen at the Beijing Motor Show.

Audi will also debut the Q3 Red Track concept. Designed to appeal to the winter-sports enthusiast, it has a specifically designed roof rack, complete with two compact LED spotlights and the ability to carry two pairs of skis.

In the boot, there's torches, heatable seat cushions and an integrated thermos flask. Under the bonnet is a detuned version of the RS Q3’s, 2.5 litre turbocharged unit, developing 335bhp.

The third car is another Q3 concept from Beijing – the Golden Dragon. It gets striking Liuli Yellow paint and a matching interior, and is designed for beackgoers. The Red track’s skis have been replaced by a pair of kite surf boards.

Finally, Audi will preview a new lightweight bicycle. The ‘e-bike Worthersee’ is an electric bike that defies convention. Audi describes it as: “a high-end pedelec for sport, fun and tricks.”

The frame weighs just 1.6 kg, and is made largely from carbon-fibre reinforced plastic, while power comes from a 3bhp chain driven electric motor connected to the rear wheel.