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24 Aug, 2009 3:42pm Jack Rix

Our guide to the safest cars on the road.

It's become second nature for modern drivers to 'clunk, clip, every trip', but the three-point seatbelt hasn't been around forever. August 2009 marks the 50th Anniversary of its invention - by a Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin in 1959. And it wasn't until ten years later, in 1969, that the inertia-reel system was developed, improving comfort and safety simultaneously.

Fortunately for the millions of lives its saved over the years, despite patenting the design, Bohlin soon recognised the benefits his invention could offer - and made the technology available for all manufacturers to install. Nowadays its still the most important piece of safety equipment fitted to your car.

So to mark the Golden anniversary of one of the twentieth century's most significant inventions, we've gathered together the safest cars you can buy according to Euro NCAP's points scoring system, in ten separate categories, to demonstrate just how far road safety has come.

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Clunk Click Every Trip.

I'm a Professional Driver by trade(HGV Driver), I see most seatbealts are worn, there are a few who seem to put the belt into the latch and then sit down on the belt. I've done this myself as it does sometimes seem to constrict your movement, lets say if you try to move forward a bit to get comfy from driving for so long, it does sometime lock up.

I wish the same laws applied to Mobile Phone Users....... But then thats a topic in itself!