Fiat 500L prices

10 Dec, 2012 5:40pm Luke Madden

Fiat has announced prices and specifications for the new 500L, and it's available from £14,990

Fiat has revealed prices for the 500L MPV, with Pop Star and Easy trim levels starting from £14,990.

Pop Star is designed for those who put style ahead of everything else, so comes with a body-coloured dashboard and alloy wheels. Meanwhile, Easy is the more sensible choice and comes fitted with parking sensors and electric rear windows. All versions come fitted as standard with Bluetooth, cruise control and a five-inch touchscreen.

Range-topping Lounge cars start from £16,390 and add automatic air-con, larger alloy wheels, parking sensors, automatic lights and wipers and a huge panoramic sunroof. On the options list is a Lavazza coffee maker and a Beats by Dr Dre stereo.

Buyers can choose from four engines: the 900cc TwinAir engine with 104bhp, a 1.4-litre petrol with 94bhp, a 1.3-litre diesel with 84bhp and a 1.6-litre diesel with 104bhp.

Following the launch of the 500L, Fiat is planning to launch a seven-seater XL version and a 500X crossover.

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£15000 for THAT? dear oh dear oh dear. That is, frankly, a pigs ear of a dog's dinner. It looks like a chinese car company have knocked together their version of the Fiat 500 and made it out of re-cycled chinese Austin Maestro cast-offs. Horrendous.

Certainly pricey at £15k, although this is an interesting car.

I agree with the first two much to much for what it is BMW may be able to get away with it but not Fiat I am sure.

The 500 is inferior to most cars in the class, buy a Panda instead

I hate the fiat 500 but compared to this the 500 is so much easier on the eye. What's gone wrong Fiat?!?

The 500L is a blobular hideosity in which Fiat designers seem to have wilfully refused to learn from anything Italian that includes form and style - Ferrari, Gandini, Ghia, Giugiaro, Pininfarina, to name a few.

As for using '500' in the name, that's simply a marketing-led insult to Fiat's own crisply-shaped 500.

A car for those that feel that the Mini Countryman is just too hansom.


You're probably right, but I hate the latest Panda's blobby styling, which comes from the same school as the vile 500L.

Had a Mk 1 Panda once upon a time though - a sublime little thing that I could drive the doors off, and was terrific in snow.

500 puts on weight
500 sold well. Hence follows 500L. Soon Fiat will give us 500XL and then 500X to crash on Qasqai's party.
The family of 500 is an expanding one and I'm sure its various derivatives will find buyers - if the success of Mini Countryman is anything to go by.
Most of those who don't like it own the 500. The little cute run-about.
My advice: It's grown. Live with it.

Ugly,expensive and it is a FIAT oh boy three time loser

Why are most opinions on forums worthless drivel?