Fiat 500L MPW revealed

18 Jun, 2013 5:12pm Jack Rix

Stretched, seven-seater version of the Fiat 500L is the sixth member of the expanding 500 family

The Fiat 500L MPW has been officially unveiled. It is the sixth and largest member of Fiat's rapidly expanding 500 family.

The seven-seater 500L joins the 500, 500C, 500 Abarth, 500L and 500L Trekking in the 500 line-up, and don't forget the seventh member, the 500X compact SUV, is due before the end of the year.

Essentially a stretched version of the 500L, the 500L MPW dimensions are 4350mm - 203mm longer than the 500L, but 170mm less than the Ford Grand C-MAX. That's allowed engineers to squeeze in a third row of seats, but don't expect acres of space back there, Fiat is calling it a 5+2 layout, hinting that the third row is reserved strictly for kids. The optional seats fold flat into the floor leaving a level load area with 638-litres of space. 

Engine options include two petrols, a 94bhp 1.4 and the 104bhp 0.9 TwinAir, as well as two diesels - the 104bhp 1.6 MultiJet and 84bhp 1.3 MultiJet. Two trim levels will be available - Pop Star and Lounge, along with 19 different colours (11 of which are two-tone combos), six interior trims and 15 types of alloy wheel design. If you're feeling flush, kit like leather upholstery, sat-nav and a rear camera are available as optional extras. 

The order books for the 500L MPW will open next month, at the same time the car makes its official debut at a private event. The price has yet to be revealed, but expect a small hike over the 500L, which starts at £14,995 for a 1.4 Pop Star.  

The 500L MPW is called the 500L Living in the rest of Europe. MPW stands for Multi Purpose Wagon.

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More dying than living I fear!

Fiat just took the 500 and thought 'Lets do what Mini did' with less successful results...

Is it me ??? Why take a lovely small car,and turn it into this!!!!

This does not look like a Fiat anymore!

Well it's not pretty, but it's not new to Fiat to make alternative designs. I would still rather have this than the Multipla (especially the first version).

It looks like a nice car to me once you get past the pointless styling to make it look a bit like 500. I'm not convinced with the low capacity engines though - this is a car that could be loaded up with 5 people and 640l of luggage to go with them - is the 0.9l petrol or 1.3 diesel really capable of lugging all this lot around?

will the 6 passengers need to get out and push when this sees a slight hill?

Even more Eurojunk!

Porky style-free bloatmobile that insults the 500 name.

Favourite epithet again I see. Like FIAT something new is required!

Best Multipla I've seen was sign-written for a children's party organizer. The M's bulbous lines looked just right when covered with coloured balloons and party-poppers!

yuck. why didn't they do a crossover or a funky MPV?

Shouldn't this be called the 8 or 900? Just like the five door MINI should really be called the MIDI or even MAXI...

Why keep messing about with cars just to fill tiny gaps in the market? The 500 is a rubbish car anyway, just buy something mainstream that is properly engineered, will depreciate slowly and drives well.

I cannot believe normal people actually buy the 500L, let alone this thing! If Italians weren't so patriotic about cars. FIAT would have died long ago! Fugly Idiotic And Tasteless!

How would you describe it?

Is it getting boring and tedious?

You've obviously never been in or driven a 500. Also, the 500 is one of the best cars to buy if you want it to 'depreciate slowly'!



Agree the dinky little 500 is a delight, especially Abarth versions.

The shame is that Fiat marketeers use the name to try and sell bloatmobiles like this sad thing.