New Mercedes E-Class

14 Jan, 2013 1:30pm Tom Phillips

The revised Mercedes E-Class line-up has been officially unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show

Mercedes has given its E-Class a sharp new look. The facelifted saloon and estate have made their world debut at the Detroit Motor Show, alongside the revised E63 AMG, E-Class Coupe and E-Class Cabriolet, before going on sale in April.

Before we managed to get up close to the new E-Class on the Detroit Motor Show floor, Auto Express was given early access to the cars and had a chat with Mercedes’ head of exterior design, Robert Lesnik. “We wanted a more daring design for the E-Class,” Lesnik told us. The biggest change is the switch from quad to dual headlights, with two L-shaped daytime running lights in each lamp. Full LED headlamps are optional for the first time, too.

These flank a larger, more upright grille, and for the first time on the E-Class, the three-pointed star badge is in the centre. Models fitted with the optional AMG package also get a much larger grille than before.

Gone are the pronounced, Bentley-style pontoons around the rear wheelarches. These are now reserved for the E-Class Coupe and Convertible, which will also debut at Detroit, alongside a firebreathing 550bhp E63 AMG.

Inside are new seats, improved trim materials and revised air vents. Plus, the gear selector on auto models moves from between the seats to a column shifter on the right-hand side of the steering wheel, as on the S-Class.

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Still not keen on the estate, I understand it's practical but people (myself included) would much rather sacrifice a bit of practicality for good looks, my money would go towards an XF Sportbrake.


Look on the bright side - It says class unlike wot a BMW sez:)

Just like the BMW 1 series update - they've managed to make it look uglier!

I'd love a Mercedes that looks like the brain-child of whoever Hyundai sacked as head of corporate design about 10 years ago, thanks.

This an overall better version of an E, but...daring? If nothing else, this should have been the last E. And this trend toward more upright, truck-like grills is not at all flattering or elegant. Thank goodness, the interior is a clear step up. Without being able to touch and push, it looks like the ergos are better, as well as the thoughtful use of quality materials.

Time for MBZ to put Lesnik on door handles and find another design head.

One of the most repulsive colours I've seen on a car since the 1970s - yuk