Limited edition matt black MINI Countryman

18 Oct, 2013 5:08pm Jonathan Burn

The MINI Countryman and Paceman receive an exclusive matt black paint option

MINI has added the option of matt black paint to its extensive list of personalisation options. The Frozen Black finish is only available on the top-spec MINI Countryman and MINI Paceman, which include Cooper S and John Cooper Works models.

The finish is created using 'a complex technological manufacturing process' that's exclusive to BMW. The company also claims that the paint finish looks like velvet, and can be seen as well as felt.

A special surface treatment is first applied to the car, which allows the colour layer and lacquer to stick to the panels of the car, giving a matt effect. However, BMW advises buyers who opt for the exclusive finish to avoid using wax or exterior polishes to avoid leaving an unwanted gloss effect.

Pricing is yet to be announced for the Frozen Black finish, but due to the labour-intensive process, only a limited number of cars will receive the exclusive paintjob. BMW hopes to make the finish available in the next few months.

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Coming soon to a footballers wife/Essex girl/hairdresser (delete as applicable) near you.

total mirroring of the marketing strategy for the Evoque... god what a confused brand Mini is now... and such as shame as the basis of the brand has such huge potential

Parked next to a black Countryman (nothing to do with the West Midlands!) just now. I would surmise that the same inept hand was responsible for this as has now inflicted the BMW i3 on a world that does not deserve it.
You really have to hand it to the Germans. When they leave the safe, beige, un-enterprising stylistic zone of VW/Audi behind, they can come up with some real horrors.

Errrr...that's a Paceman. Nice try though.

Comparing to what brand? And how are they confused? The Freevoke was based on a similar concept as the Paceman, the Paceman has a good BMW chassis not a tired old Farmers Taxi. What's wrong with being different? Why blend in with the crowd? MINI is renowned for is superb handling and fun interior with quality finishes allround, it's the full package and I'd challenge anyone on any car that claims to be better overall including value for money. Just remember that up until 2000, BMW owned Landrover, now it's a posh TATA.