Porsche 911 Turbo review

30 Aug, 2013 11:15am Mat Watson

We tested the 911 Turbo S recently, so how does the 'standard' 911 Turbo compare?


The new Porsche 911 Turbo is a devastatingly capable and easy supercar to drive and comfortably keeps pace with a McLaren 12C. But when you consider the Porsche costs £56,000 less than the 12C, it seems a performance bargain. However, it feels a bit clinical compared to the GT3 and even the standard Carrera S – which will disappoint Porsche purists.

We've already driven the more powerful 911 Turbo S – now we’ve had the chance to try the 514bhp standard Porsche 911 Turbo car on road and track.

A longer wheelbase and wider track mean it’s more stable than its predecessor: the revised, faster-acting all-wheel-drive system gives it more grip, while bigger brakes provide improved stopping power. Like the new 911 GT3, it features active rear axle steering, which means greater agility and it’s harder to unsettle, too.

Then there’s the new active aerodynamics to consider. A variable front splitter and rear wing can add up to 132kg of downforce at 186mph to help push the car down on to the road. So the faster you go, the steadier the 911 gets. All this technology means the ESP remains pretty much a silent partner unless you make a hash of things; even when it does step in, it’s unobtrusive.

Porsche 911 review

The 911 can potter around town with a firm but bearable ride and distant exhaust burble. But the sensation you get from full bore acceleration runs is so addictive, it’s hard to resist flooring the throttle. The pace is even more mind-boggling if you go for the Sports Chrono package, which adds 50Nm more torque via an overboost function and launch control.

But this costs over £3,000 and should be standard when you’ve shelled out £118,349 – although Porsche’s excellent PDK paddleshift box is included.

Purists will lament the car isn’t available as a manual, and you could argue that for all its amazing tech and mind-bending pace, it’s the least involving of all the 911s to drive. But for covering ground quickly, in style and safety, it’s an incredible piece of kit...

Key specs

  • Price: £118, 349 (with Sports Chrono Package)
  • Engine: 3.8-litre 6cyl twin-turbo
  • Transmission: Seven-speed PDK auto, four-wheel drive
  • Power: 513bhp
  • Top speed: 196mph
  • 0-62mph: 3.2 secs
  • Economy: 29mpg
  • CO2: 227g/km
  • Equipment: PDK seven-speed automatic, Porsche Communication Management, Porsche Active Suspension Management, Porsche part electric leather sports seats, leather dash trim.
  • On sale: Now