New Porsche 911 GTS to sit between 911 4S and Turbo

21 Mar, 2014 7:00am Jonathan Burn

Porsche will soon be treating us to a focused GTS version of the latest 991 series 911 if these spy shots are anything to go by

Porsche appears to be working on a GTS version of the new 911, as these spy shots of a modified Cabriolet reveal. We brought you news of the forthcoming Cayman GTS earlier in the week and it now looks like the Porsche's latest 991 911 will be following suit. 

It’s the first time we’ve seen the new prototype 911 on the road, and the GTS would sit between the 4S and Turbo models in terms of power. 

Marking it out are central dual exhausts – similar to the layout of the GT3 – while some minor alterations seem to have been made to the tail-lights and front bumper, with the addition of new aerodynamic flaps. 

Specific details are still in short supply, but power from the 3.8-litre flat-six could increase to around 450bhp, placing this model right in
the middle of the obvious gap in the 911 range between the 4S and Turbo. 

Expect the Sport Chrono Package and PASM to be fitted as standard, as on the new Cayman and Boxster GTS.

Porsche hasn’t indicated when the 911 GTS will debut, but it looks likely to appear in the second half of the year, giving the hardcore Boxster and Cayman some breathing space.

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