Updated Audi Q5 spied

29 Feb, 2012 10:17am Damion Smy

Revised version of Audi Q5 premium small SUV is spotted testing

This is the facelifted Audi Q5, which our spy photographers have spotted cold weather testing.

From these pictures it appears that the updated Q5 will have only minor changes over the current car, with a new grille and headlights taking cues from the recently updated A5. At the rear, there appears to be hardly any change - even the lower part of the rear bumper remains the same as the current Q5.

However, the badging on this test car states it's a ‘3.0T’, which is an engine that's not available in the current range. Small alloy wheels and a lack of quad exhaust pipes suggest that this could be a red herring, but it's believed that Audi is keen to add a high-performance Q5S version to the range.

The updated Audi Q5 will go on sale in the summer, with prices similar to the current car, starting from around £28,000.

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yet another ''facelift'' from Audi, on a range thats not very old at all? are customers really NOT copping on to this absolute nonsense.. just what is SO WRONG with Audi grilles & headlights that they have to keep changing them every few months? they really should dump these ''designers'' that just cant seem to get it right with any of their products...but its just a money racket really isnt it? outdate the car ourselves & the GOBSH-TE Audiaholics will buy into the ''new'' one. pathetic really.

Terrible design and supposedly de silva made it. Sorry audi...