BMW 3 Series GT spied undisguised

4 Dec, 2012 7:13pm Damion Smy

Latest spy pictures give the best glimpse yet of the new BMW 3 Series GT

The BMW 3 Series GT has been caught testing completely undisguised, ahead of its launch next year. While it wasn’t supposed to be seen until the Geneva Motor Show in March, the 3 Series GT was spotted while on an early photoshoot.

The new model adds a large hatch tailgate to become a more practical version of the 3 Series – much like the 5 Series GT is to the standard 5 Series - and is built on a stretched version of the 3 Series platform.

While it's identical to the standard 3 Series from the front, there's a clever new single-piece tailgate at the rear - unlike the 5 Series GT's cumbersome two-piece hatch. It will also offer more legroom and luggage space than the saloon model.

The 3 Series GT is likely to be offered with diesel and petrol engines, kicking off with a 161bhp 2.0-litre diesel 320d GT through to a 255bhp 330d GT. A petrol 325i powered by the company's 241bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder from the 325i saloon will also be offered. All versions will be offered with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The silver car in our pictures is an M-Sport variant, featuring larger alloy wheels and a more aggressive body kit, which sees gaping brake intakes on the front bumper as well as new vents in the side-wings.

Prices are expected to start from £33,000 when the BMW 3 Series GT goes on sale in April 2013.

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It looks like its going to fall over itself. Forwards.

This is one really awkward looking piece of car design

BMW have launched a few mules over the past few years but this has to be the worst yet?

What on EARTH is that? It's hideous. Seriously, if BMW are that bothered about producing a hatchback version, why not just fit a hatchback tailgate instead of producing such monstrous vulgarities.

One Fugly piece of metal

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

It looks like the bonnet of a 3 series has been attached to the back of an X6, in other words it looks silly.

It looks nose heavy, tail up and clumsily styled as if done in a hurry on the back of a corporate envelope before dashing off to the Oktoberfest! It's not quite as awful at the other so-called GT models - and for goodness sake, drop the silly "GT" badge!!

The Hunchback of Bavaria .

Who have BMW got designing their cars now

Susan Boyle?