Range Rover Evoque: Nine-speed auto 'box

27 Feb, 2013 12:15am

The Evoque will be available with a nine-speed automatic from 2014

Land Rover has confirmed it’ll fit the world’s first nine-speed automatic gearbox in its cars, as we exclusively revealed last November.

It’s likely to debut in 2014 model year Evoques, replacing the current six-speed auto, and may be fitted to larger models in the Land Rover range, too.

The extra ratios will reduce engine revs at motorway speeds, while also improving fuel economy. Plus, while the existing auto transmission has to shift down each gear in turn, the new box can change down two gears at a time, to improve driver control under braking.

It has an adaptive system that ‘learns’ the owner’s driving style, and holds on to gears and quickens shifts if necessary.

The new nine-speed box is only 6mm longer than the six-speed it replaces, and weighs 7.5kg less.