Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Dynamic to debut in Geneva

18 Feb, 2014 12:01am Tom Phillips

Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Dynamic gets more power and tweaked suspension, set for Geneva

The wraps will be taken off the ‘warm’ Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Dynamic model at the Geneva Motor Show in March. 

The news will ease the wait between now and Land Rover’s fastest-ever production model, the full-blown Range Rover Sport RS, which arrives later this year.

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A Land Rover spokesman confirmed that there are no plans for an Evoque RS, but at least the new model boasts a little extra firepower.

The engine is the same 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol already available, but it has been upgraded to deliver 281bhp and 400Nm of torque – up 44bhp and 60Nm. The nine-speed ZF auto gearbox has also been recalibrated for a sportier drive, even when you’re just using the automatic D mode.

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The Evoque also gets revised suspension geometry, firmer springs and recalibrated adaptive dampers, while torque vectoring by braking is standard. The front brakes are now 350mm in diameter, up from 300mm.

To compliment to upgrades, the Evoque now gets a different front bumper and grille, 20-inch alloys and Autobiography badges. The metallic Phoenix Orange paint is new, too.

The new model is the first to get Land Rover InControl apps. These are specially designed apps which drivers can download to their smartphones. The apps then look and operate in the same way, whether you use the app on your phone or via the car’s centre touchscreen. This tech will roll out to all new Evoques.

The firm has sold over 270,000 Evoques since 2011. Talking about the car’s success, Jaguar Land Rover UK Managing Director, Jeremy Hicks said: “The Range Rover Evoque has been an enormous success in the UK with its blend of bold design, luxury and compact versatility.

Demand remains strong two years after the start of production, and with the introduction of the Autobiography Dynamic, customers have more choice and access to a new heightened level of agility.”

The Evoque Autobiography Dynamic is available in Coupe or five-door bodystyles, and prices are expected to start at just over £50,000. The first cars will arrive in October this year.

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Why would they not build an RS version of the Evoque when Porsche are launching the Macan with power beyond 300bhp?

Why? Because JLR don't design, develop or build any of their current 4-cylinder engines.

It's hard to compete with Porsche, BMW, VAG, Mercedes-Benz etc., when you're just a company buying in a 'crate' engine from Ford Motor Company. In this case the now well behind the competition Ford 2.0 litre 'EcoBoost' petrol engine, known for its great thirst, major turbo lag, continuing problems with condensation in the intercooler, and general inferior refinement and development level compared to BMW's 'N20', Audi's 'EA288', Mercedes' 'M274', GM/Cadillac's 2-litre, etc.

JLR, contrary to the propaganda peddled daily by a slavish UK press, still does not have its own engine build operation, nearly 3 years after the fanfare announcement in 2011.

So, they still rely on Ford to supply them with the now 5 year old design EcoBoost.

My guess is, that this 'new' 'JLR engine' is nothing but the Ford development of the 2-litre EcoBoost going into the new Lincoln MKC.

It's more than coincidence that the stroked 2-litre Ford EcoBoost, to 2.3 litres capacity, has the same rating in the Lincoln MKC - circa 280 hp and 300 lb.ft - as this 'new JLR engine' in the Evoque.

Being that the new Ford 2.3 litre EcoBoost is just stroked, and would look the same on the outside to the current 2-litre EcoBoost, no one outside of JLR/Ford would be able to tell the difference.

So, buyers of your new 280 hp 'sporty', FIFTY THOUSAND pound Evoque, remember that that fancy 'new JLR engine' is also riding around in a Ford Kuga/Escape in drag Lincoln MKC, that retails for less than $40k/£25k, with the new 2.3-litre EcoBoost.

One last note, for all those who think buying a Land Rover Evoque is 'Buying British', preserving British jobs, etc., remember that the your Ford EcoBoost engine in your £50k Joque is either made in Ford Europe's Valencia Spain engine plant, or in the near future will come from Ford US's Cleveland Ohio plant, whereas the excellent BMW 'N20' 4-cylinder petrol engine is built in Hams Hall, just outside of Birmingham, England. Don't choke on your cornflakes, JLR fanboys.

So what will be made at the new Wolverhampton Engine Factory?

Assuming anything will be made - given that this engine plant must have the longest gestation of any engine plant in automotive industry history, with the first engine out now due late 2014/early 2015, nearly 4 years since first news was passed to the media in April 2011 - that's a very good question.

What will this most hyped bog-standard engine plant ever actually make?

Come on you thousands upon thousands of paid JLR internet 'marketeers' out there - yes, everyone knows Tata/JLR uses thousands of people, mainly in the UK, US and India, to post pro-JLR propaganda pieces all over the internet, for the last several years - do tell us lay people what your employers in Gaydon/Mumbai will be building in this thing.

Could it be that the massively hyped 'Hotfire'/'AJ 200' brand new engine, as talked up your butt-kissing media sycophants will actually just be a Ford-licensed engine? Copies of the 4-cylinder EcoBoost petrol and Duratorq diesel?

Care to deny that? Give some early real spec information to disprove this likelihood?

You've had nearly 3 years already to tell us what these engines actually are.

Why so much mystery What are you hiding?

Someone has clearly jumped the shark with this name. Autobiography Dynamic sounds like it should be attached to a two tone pink La Salle c1957 rather than a serious modern production car. Utterly pretentious or utterly daft either way it is possibly the worst name ever used on a Brit car. Apart from the Triumph Acclaim of course....

"My guess is, that this 'new' 'JLR engine' is nothing but the Ford
development of the 2-litre EcoBoost going into the new Lincoln MKC."

Since the new JLR engine factory is still being 'kitted out' then it's obvious that the 285bhp engine will be from Ford. That's not a bad thing, since the engines are used in a wide variety of Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo vehicles.

The 4 cylinder petrol engines are made in Spain, but the diesel version is made in Dagenham along with the 3.0 litre V6. The petrol V6 and V8 engines are made in Bridgend.

Ford's Ecoboost engine can produce over 300bhp, as found in the new Mustang, so this could be an option for an RS version of the Evoque.

Did you forget to take your medication today?

'an RS version of the Evoque'

- ain't never gonna happen.

Straight from the horse's mouthpiece, H*ymarket's A*tocar: 'this has been canned.'

Anyway, why would Ford just give JLR its latest, highest tuned version of its new 2.3 litre EcoBoost, with 300 hp plus, from the not even on sale yet 2015 Ford Mustang?

Ford's 2-litre EcoBoost is due very shortly, if not already done so, to cease production in Valencia and be single-sourced for the world from Ford's Cleveland Ohio engine facility. So again, buying that £50k 'British' Evoque thing actually means essentially buying a British 'screwdriver assembly' product, with just the final assembly done in Merseyside, with all the important, high-value, tech items coming from the likes of either the USA or ZF in Germany, for the engine and gearbox respectively.

So much for being 'British' and backing British jobs by buying this awful product.

An Oxford assembled MINI with a Hams Hall made engine is much more British than the Asian owned, US/German componented, joke Range Rover.

As to Volvo relying on Ford for its engines like JLR, you need to keep with the news.

Geely's Volvo has funded the originally planned under Ford starting in 2007, new generation of Volvo 4-cylinder engines. They are already on the market - to great acclaim - and are 100% Swedish - designed, developed and built - even though Ford sold Volvo over two years later than JLR.

If Volvo can do its own, very, very good diesel and petrol engines, just a few years after leaving Ford, what is taking JLR, now six years post-Ford, and with the supposed multi-billion pounds investment from Tata? Or is that all lies too?

stunning retort.

par for the course with JLR apologists.

So as expected, no answer on what the mysterious 'i54' JLR engine plant will make, other than many, many recycled media headlines over the last 3 years, and presumably again in 2014 and on into 2015, when presumably Tata will have got shot of the whole Potemkin operation to the next sucker, as Ford, BMW, British Aerospace and the British Taxpayer did before them.

Mysterious i54? What are you talking about?

The factory is making 4 cylinder turbo petrol and diesel engines. They are a 'clean sheet' design from JLR.

Why would Tata sell JLR? It doubled the profit it made in the last quarter to £804 million. Its sales are rising year on year, and will introduce the Jaguar XS next year which will increase volumes dramatically. This will be follwed by the C-X17 SUV, which will add even more volume.

'The factory is making 4 cylinder turbo petrol and diesel engines.'

- ah yes, the factory that isn't open is making things that no one is able to say exactly what they are, except that they're fabulous and of course class-leading. Enough already.

Typical Tata/JLR BS. Just do it - actually do something rather than get your media lackeys to re-announce the same old news every week for 3 to 4 years - or with respect, you, the media and all the thousands of JLR paid trolls infesting the internet just STFU and do some actual real work.

Volvo will not be free from using Ford engines for another two years.

The Evoque currently uses over 50% of UK supplied components, which will increase when the Ford engines are replaced by JLR versions.

When Tata bought JLR, it was not in a financially strong position, with the possibility of closing a factory. Only after stabilising the company, have they moved ahead to manufacture their own 4 cylinder engines.

You have the audacity to call me a troll; hilarious.

Yeah, JLR should do what Mercedes are doing, and buy in Renault engines.....

Oh.. wait a minute....

This "SomersetLeveller" troll has been popping u a lot lately to spew this BS. Best ignored, has some kind of axe to grind, so transparently biased as to make very little sense.

Wow you actually kept the same user name for more than a day! I can tell you that is not wise.

You make no sense.

Jag has not lost it's ability to design engines at all and it certainly has not lost ability to tune them!
Reading some of the statements above makes me sick how anti British some idiots are

JLR is not short on profit, it's just invested half a billion building a new engine plant and 1.5 billion spent on it's chassis... for sure it will design and build it's own engine to suit it's requirements...
I suppose some drivers in there BMW and Mercs have a bit of a fake superiority complex and find it hard to accept Range Rover is class leader and Jag is about to show it's colors... even with a tuned Ford engine for a while yet...
Gear boxes make a huge difference to a engines delivery and economy ......
As far as I know JLR has it's own section in the Ford engine plant separate from Ford! what it does I havent a clue... maybe assembles and tunes the engines up?
??isn' it true that 1/3 of all Ford engines produced in the world are built in the UK??

So what if the new engine used by the evoque autobiography is just a version with a longer stroke and so what if the engines used at the moment are made by Ford

it will not be why spend half a billion pound! Not much to a engine and of course it will have variable valve timing by means of small high power electromagnets in place of cam shafts freeing up a huge amount of lost real power... LOL idiot

Why should they disclose more information than they have already? all you have to know is JLR can afford to design it's own engine and has

Jaguar have a factory within a factory in Bridgend where they build their own engines there. They did this because it saved money over building a new factory. How do I know this? Because I've been in contact Jaguar HQ.